Bear Family Megan Washington

LIVE PREVIEW: Lost Picnic- Centennial Park, Sydney 23rd March


Sydney is the undisputed king of boutique festivals in Australia. Sydney is constantly serving up mouthwatering samples of culture and live music, showcasing this city’s wealth of creativity and refined tastes. Lost Picnic is no exception, serving up a delectable combination of fine music and fine food over a full day at Sydney’s beautiful Centennial […]

The Harry Heart Chrysalis Bear Family Bodensee and Other False Stories

NEW EP- The Harry Heart Chrysalis releases brand new E.P “Bodensee and Other False Stories”


Young Sydney up and comer The Harry Heart Chrysalis has had a busy 2014 so far. From the relocation from Brisbane to the bright cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sydney, to the release of lead single ‘You Are Not a Rarity‘, which received widespread love from across the globe, songwriter Harry Heart has also found time to […]

Bear family review- The Kite String tangle

The Kite String Tangle @ Oxford Arts Factory 14th February


Photos by Alistair Rathbone Aaaah, Valentine’s Day. Full of wistful young lovers frolicking in the park, buying roses and snap-chatting nudes. What better way to finish off a day of overblown affection and sincerity than to listen to a curly-haired crooner bust out some emotional electronic anthems to a sold out room of Sydney couples. […]

Wytches- Bear Family Review

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- The Wytches- Gravedweller


The Wytches are a particularly grim three-piece rock band out of Brighton, UK. Despite the seaside location, there’s nothing pretty about these guys at all. Immediately reminiscent of other psychedelic-eerie rock acts such as The Horrors and The Draytones, The Wytches are the UK’s latest addition the Adam’s Family-esque genre that has proved its popularity in recent years. […]