Dan Parsons returns with his third album Valleywood, released October 20th. Parsons will head off on a run of dates through October and November where fans will get their first taste of his most emotionally direct album to date.

Parsons’ ability to connect as a solo performer has never been more apparent. Touring the USA as a hired gun for Kate Miller-Heidke, he trod the well-worn trails of his Americana forebearers via a clutch of solo sideshows where Parsons renewed his love of that paradoxical quality music has; allowing a single human being to sing to a room of strangers as if each of them is the only other person there.

Stand-outs on the album include the horns-lead charge of ‘Angry Waltz’, the slow-burn tenderness of ‘On the Way, Downtown’ (Pharmacy) and the already released ‘I’ll Live and I’ll Die’.

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These are not songs for winning hearts and minds, but songs of the mind and the heart, conversations more than stories, reaching into human conditions both real and the more-real for being imagined. Friends in cults, friends with prescriptions, lovers that never were and never will be or the cryogenic brutality of the non-place between real life and the road, they are all present, drenched in sounds that, whether recalling the plough-like surety of The Band or the sanded-back translucence of Whiskeytown, are best heard through the body.

The new album was recorded with producer Robin Waters (The Boat People and Machine Translations band member and producer to Eves the Behaviour, Ella Hooper) who also mixed Parsons self-recorded and self-titled second album and accompanied him for showcase performances in LA and a string of dates through the UK following the release of his debut album ‘Firestarter’ (2010).

Friday 23rd October – Billyroy’s Blues Bar, Bendigo VIC
Saturday 24th October – Shadow Electric, Abbotsford VIC
Sunday 25th October – Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs VIC
Wednesday 28th October – The Front Gallery, Canberra ACT
Thursday 29th October – Mudgee Brewery, Mudgee NSW
Friday 30th October – Home Sweet Home (House Concert), Sydney NSW
Saturday 31st October – The Junkyard, Maitland NSW
Sunday 1st November – Heartbreaker Sessions at Freda’s, Chippendale NSW
Wednesday 4th November – Bar on the Hill at Newcastle Uni, Newcastle NSW
Thursday 5th November – Mothers Milk, Sawtell NSW
Friday 6th November – Ex-Services Club, Mullumbimby NSW
Saturday 7th November – The Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD
Saturday 14th November – Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA


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