5 Things Polish Club Have Learned About Brisbane


Sydney duo (possible energizer bunnies) Polish Club are finishing off the year in style with a tour name so witless it’s witty, Christmas in December! Kicking off the tour in Brisbane, they band have shared with us a few pointers on what goes on in the city of the brown snake.

  • GOMA is delightful! Their escalators and air conditioning are second to none.
  • The most dangerous thing in the Valley is that Chinese Noodle place on Wickham Street. Let me rephrase that – pouring an ample serve of chilli onto your BBQ pork noodles less than an hour before your set at The Brightside is a REALLY BAD idea.
  • You can indeed play a Powderfinger cover in a venue owned by a Powderfinger member (The Triffid) and live to tell the tale.
  • Not necessarily related to Brisbane, but it was the city where I learned that you can indeed ruin pants just by sweating too much. This may or may not be related to point #2. Suffice to say, I’m thankful it was just sweat.
  • The proximity of most music venues to the Brunswick St. Maccas and Oporto is ideal. There’s no better place to soak up the Brisvegas culture than whilst sitting outside Oporto, chowing down on a Triple Bondi and large fries with Oprego sauce and a lift (can, not bottle pls).

What we have is another utterly essential Polish Club recording that will slam you sideways against the nearest wall and refuse to apologise. Give ’em your money, and nobody needs to get hurt.


Friday 1 December – The Zoo, Brisbane QLD
w/ West Thebarton & Diet
Saturday 2 December – Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW*
w/ West Thebarton & Diet
Friday 8 December – The Croxton, Melbourne VIC
w/ West Thebarton & Diet
Friday 15 December – Uni Bar, Adelaide SA*
w/c West Thebarton & Diet
Saturday 16 December – Rosemount, Perth WA
w/ West Thebarton & Stella Donnelly


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