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Bear Family’s Live Preview- St.Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2014


The Laneway Festival juggernaut has already kicked off for 2014, with Singapore and New Zealand getting the first bite of the delicious cherry. Now it is Australia’s turn, starting in Brisbane this Friday. The clever cats at Laneway always put together a fantastic smattering of artists from all over the world, some names which you will already know and love, others who are about as familiar as a foreign town after 3 or 4 tabs of acid.

Bear Family has put together a guide for those of you who like to discover as you go, to help shed light on some of the must see’s for 2014’s favourite festival.


1. King Krule

Much hyped  Brit Archy Marshall is an artist that has to be seen to be believed. On first listen, many would believe Marshall’s deep, rough shout to belong someone double Marshall’s age and experience, however his voice belies his tender youth of just 19 years. From his early beginnings in hip hop under the guise of ‘Zoo Kid‘,  Marshall has evolved into ‘King Krule‘, releasing the critically acclaimed ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon‘ in mid 2013. Live, Krule delivers  pained yowls, heartfelt lyrics and sparse guitar riffs with the cockney charm and experience of a much more seasoned musician. With a set ducking through hip hop, jazz and rock and roll, King Krule (in his Dad’s best suit) delivers a truly unique experience, and a must see at Laneway 2014.

Set Highlight: ‘Lizard State’

What it Will Look Like:

2. Drenge

Filling the ‘messy two piece fun fest’ void left by Japandroids in 2013, UK brothers Drenge are set to bring their bare bones intensity to their mid afternoon set at Laneway this year. Sporting the coolest names of the lineup, Eoin and Rory Loveless have shot to the top of NME’s cream list, with their tight rhythms and relentless swagger building them a reputation as one of the nation’s top live acts. With their self titled debut album dropping in 2013, Drenge are making their first overseas venture to make themselves a whole new legion of fans. And trust me, you will be a fan by the time you leave.

Set Highlight: ‘Bloodsports’

What it will Look like:

3. Four Tet

For those of you who have seen enough of Lorde and HAIM for one year, it will be more than worth your while to head over to the Future Classic stage to check out one of electronic music’s finest exports, Four Tet AKA Keiran Hebden. Having produced some of the finest electronic albums of all time in ‘Rounds‘ and ‘There is Love in You‘, Hebden has returned in 2014 with his latest offering, ‘Beautiful Rewind’. Four Tet is so versatile and ever-changing that his set at Laneway 2014 is sure to be an abstract, experimental wonder-basket of tunes from across his back catalogue and beyond. Four Tet is sure to get eyes a-glazing and bodies a-heaving into the night. A perfect end to a perfect day. And no, he won’t play any Burial. He isn’t Burial.

Set Highlight: The whole thing. Just enjoy.

What it Will Look Like:

4. Mt.Warning

Named after the famous tectonic shift near Byron Bay is NSW, Mt. Warning is the project of North Coast local Mikey Bee. A little known name on the lineup for 2014, but sure to be a feature in everyone’s end of year playlists come 2015. Having only just begun his foray into live performance, Mt.Warning holds an element of mystery around what to expect, but one listen to the anthemic ‘Youth Bird‘ and we have little doubt that Mr.Bee will have no issues blowing the early risers away on the Laneway stage!

Set Highlight: ‘Youth Bird’

What it will sound like:


5. Danny Brown

DIP I DIP YOU DIP DIP I DIP YOU DIP I DIP. Detroit local Danny Brown has built a cult underground following since the release of his debut album XXX in 2011, and with the release of 2013’s ‘Old‘, Danny Brown has forced his way into public consciousness. An unstoppable force live, Brown brings the party with hits such as ‘Dip’, Smokin and Drinkin’ and ‘ The Return‘ sure to give any wayward bystanders an unexpected party-erection. Yep, party erection. Danny Brown promises to be 300mph from start to finish, and you don’t wanna be that guy who misses out on the live performance of the year, a la ‘those who missed Les Savy Fav a few years ago.

Set Highlight: DIP

What it Will Look Like



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