Got Splendour FOMO? Bear Family’s picks for Sideshow Season


It’s that time of year again, as Splendour tix sold out & sad boys and girls around the country wipe up their tears and eagerly wait for any scrap of news about their favourite bands making an appearance outside the holy grounds of Yelgun.

With a lineup as big as the one Ducrou & Co have put together this year, there is bound to be some tough decisions that have to be made. Do I travel to Sydney for Maggie Rogers? Should I see Two Door at Festival Hall or The Lemon Twigs at The Curtin on the same night? Grandma’s 80th birthday party or Tove Lo?

Luckily, Bear Fam’s got ya back. We’ve picked out our favourite sideshows for you and not only that, we’ve also planned the rest of your night, too.




WHY YOU’VE JUST GOTTA: Father John has built up a reputation as a kind of ‘hipster lord’ all over the world, with his tongue-in-cheek wisdom and effortless indie cool earning him legions of disciples all over the world, all desperately trying to find out whether or not Josh Tillman (for the layman) is just fucking with us all.

Aside from Tillman’s mysterious anecdotes, Father John Misty have established themselves as one of the best live acts in the world. Expect to laugh, dance, swing- ya-hips, swoon and cry your way through their set, mesmerized by the sharp shapes being pulled on stage by Tillman,and the showmanship of his band, as they power through tracks from I Love you, Honeybear, Fear Fun and their latest effort Pure Comedy.

Get down to FJM, plonk yourself up the front and get ready to get up close and personal with one of music’s best personalities.

WHERE TO PREPARE: Any man, woman or child who idolises Father John Misty must hold a similarly carefree attitude to their pre-show activities. Before you trundle on down to the Recital centre, head up to the effortlessly cool, gentrified hipster haven that is Smith Street in Collingwood. Head to Biggie Smalls to grab an excellent gourmet kebab and top up your indie-cool by identifying the ODB b-side they have playing whilst you order, before wandering down to the famous Kent St to show off your vintage faux-fur coat and grab a pint of Furphy before the show.


Sun 23 July – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Mon 24 July – Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne

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WHY YOU’VE JUST GOTTA: Many eagle eyed punters would have noticed a tinge of deja vu about the Splendour Lienup this year, with Sigur Ros making their second visit in two years to the festival. As one of those brave souls who ventured down to the GW late on a Sunday night last year to witness Sigur Ros in all their magnificent glory, and I can’t wait to see them in action again in the reverb chamber that is Margaret Court Arena.

Sigur Ros are simply something else. Gorgeous, emphatic, dramatic and emotional all at once, the boys from Iceland can be as beautiful as the best symphony orchestra and as devastating as the blackest of metal bands. Frontman Jonsi’s haunting falsetto will chill you to your core, and the visualisations they bring on stage will leave you transfixed for the entirety of the show.

A live experience you won’t forget.

WHERE TO PREPARE: A band as elegant and powerful as Sigur Ros require a more refined start to the evening than the squalor of Smith Street. Head into the city for a cocktail at Berlin Bar, a cocktail bar that, like Sigur Ros, is a little bit mysterious, with it’s East Berlin and West Berlin themed setup, you can top yourself up with an Absinthe to get you in the mood for the out of this world experience you are about to have.


Tue 25 Jul – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Thu 27 Jul – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne

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WHY YOU’VE JUST GOTTA: You’ve seen the memes, you’ve heard the hits, now it’s time to party your ass off and pretend you’re 9 pre-mixers deep in the Tipi Forest on a Saturday night at Bag Raiders. These local boys have been rubbing shoulders with the stars in LA since their debut on the scene back in 2008, and they’re about to make a glorious homecoming, bringing the party for those who need it most.

Go on, chuck on Shooting Stars today as you wind down the clock to the weekend and tell me you don’t get excited. These boys know how to make the party come alive, and they’ll be doing just that this sideshow season.

WHERE TO PREPARE: A night out with Bag Raiders on a Sunday calls for the best Sunday Session in Melbourne. Head to Section 8 to get back on the horse after a tough Sunday morning, grab a Coopers tallie and enjoy the outdoors with some of Melbourne’s best DJs, playing anything from latino-electronica to hip hop and RnB. Grab some bar grub next door at FerdyDurkes to line the stomach and then onwards to 170 Russell!


 Fri 14 July – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Sat 15 July – Fat Controller, Adelaide
Sun 16 July – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Thu 20 July – Villa, Perth

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