APES @ The Foundry 26th November 2015


Words – Georgia Corpe
Images – Bobby Rein

After 10 months off APES have returned to the touring circuit with a headline tour around east coast and Victoria after the release of their new single Dimension. Tonight is the first night of the tour, kicking it off at Pesci’s In Movember at The Foundry in the Fortitude Valley, with supports from locals Blonde on Blonde and Baskervilian

The Foundry is very quickly becoming a live music hotspot amongst the array of venues offered up in the Fortitude Valley, with it’s size similar to that of the Zoo, endless VB on tap and probably one of the best smoker’s terraces in Brisbane. It is a toasty night in Brisbane tonight, and although the Foundry’s air conditioning was on the fritz, it was in no way a hinderance on the atmosphere of the place. With the walls scattered with framed photographs of local bands like Dune Rats and Velociraptor it definitely gave off a ‘hub’ like feel for those who enjoy local talent, with the heat only an indicative element to remind you of where you were.

Blonde on Blonde kick off Pesci’s with a stage full of band members bringing a series of smooth indie-rock bangers, reminiscent of the Dandy Warhols and even Placebo at times. The band brings a healthy crowd to tonight’s sweat fest, and manages to get people jumping around, despite their apparent  desires to just sit and drink cucumber water.

DSC_3507Next up on the proceedings is Baskervillian, a band that have created quite a bit of hype for themselves post-BigSound 2015. With yet another packed out stage, including the oh so cool trumpet and saxophone players, the local fella’s energy about their own brand of funk/rock/psychedelic music brings a crowd abound. Their set is fantastic; proving their hype by putting on a tight and and musically intriguing array of songs. Definitely a band worth catching in the near future. DSC_3582

Last up on the bill are Ballarat quartet APES. After recently supporting The Darkness on their recent Australian tour, the fellas were relatively seasoned to take on a headline tour after a well deserved break from touring. It is expected that tonight’s set would bring something a little different from previous APES live shows, with the boys latest single Dimension putting out a more of a sophisticated rock sound; stomping drums, foregrounded guitar hooks and falsetto vocals most reminiscent of Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know.


The set was full of new tracks giving Brisbane a nice little introduction of what to expect from the lads’ debut LP release. Lead guitarist James “Jim” Toohey even gave a crack on vocals performing a last minute addition to the setlist with Beach; good decision boys. Also included is Pull The Trigger, Seven and Helluva Time. It was impressive to see APES attempting to change up their sound and although the set didn’t quite hit the spot as may have in the past, it’s a surety that APES’ rep will only grow.

Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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