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In the Flesh! A Day to Remember @ Brisbane Riverstage


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Bringing their massively heavy 6th LP, Bad Vibrations, A Day To Remember grace our shores yet again for some wholesome metalcore fun. Along for the ride is Sydney’s very own emo-pop group Tonight Alive, and taking Of Mice and Men’s spot on the tail end of the support line up is Atlanta’s Issues.  


Donning a pair of angel wings and that unmistakable blonde buzz-cut, Tonight Alive’s vocalist Jenna McDougall bursts from back of-stage, ready to hype up the crowd. Having supported some of the world’s most beloved punk and emo bands, like The Used and All Time Low, these guys know how to work a crowd ready to get schwifty to some heavy chugs. McDougall glides across the stage, effortlessly singing (perhaps she is an actual angel), whilst the all-boy back-line give it everything they got. An expected, well-rehearsed set, giving Issues the task of attempting to back it up.

The sun is setting and Issues begin to play their own distorted style of metalcore, a change of pace to Tonight Alive’s gentle punk/emo tones. Wasting no time, Issues bust out their heaviest and fastest tracks, with vocalist Tyler Carter filling the Riverstage’s grassy patches with his huge, impressive and dynamic voice. If you haven’t listened to Issues before, imagine if Miley Cyrus was in a nu-metal band. Got that? Capping the Brisbane crowd as ‘the best on the tour by far’, Issues go all out for their final Australia show, with vocalist Michael Bohn running from one side of the stage to the other and bassist Adrian “AJ” Rebollo furiously shaking his locks and busting out bass solos. Before we know it, Issues’ set was over and big dawg set of the night was but a few back-line changes away.

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Like any good punk show, as soon as Chop Suey! plays and finishes, no more music should be played over the PA unless it’s the freakin’ band. And like any good pop-punk, metalcore band, ADTR abide by this tradition. Slipping out the back of a lowly lit stage, drummer Alex Shelnutt takes to his throne in the middle of the stage and kicks off the five-piece’s set with an oldie but a goodie, Mr Highway’s Thinking About the End, a brilliant heavy track to get us all amped for what was to come. After a good face-melting, ADTR’s set dipped in the pool that is their latest LP, Bad Vibrations, with Paranoia before giving us another classic track with 2nd Sucks. Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon appears comfortable on stage in front of thousands of people, waving at mates/fans in the front, walking casually along the front of the stage, and busting out angelic vocal melodies like it ain’t no thang.

From their heaviest of tracks to that one lovey-dovey track their 2009 LP Homesick, Have Faith In Me, ADTR play a spectacular set of energetic, intense and fun tracks. Finishing off the set with The Downfall of Us All, ADTR give us one last parting gift and blow confetti in our faces.

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Although McKinnon continues to ask the crowd if they had heard this one before, it was clear that there were many lovers of their older tracks at the Riverstage tonight. Closing off the set before their encore, the five-piece play their banger A Plot to Bomb the Panhandle and it went off. Nice.



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