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In the Flesh! Basement @ The Triffid


Review – Georgia Corpe
Photos – Ophelia Symons

After returning from an indefinite hiatus and releasing their third progressive punk-rock album Promise Everything last year, Basement have returned from the dead swinging, bringing the ruckus to Australia along with Virginia Beach pals Turnover. Tonight is their first show of their Australia tour, unfortunately with support act Break Even not being able to make the Queensland leg of the tour at late notice. Luckily enough, local pop-punk legends and all-round good guys Columbus took up the job.

After a successful year for the trio, taking out last years Triple J Unearthed comp to play at Soundwave, releasing their first EP and finishing up recording their debut LP, Columbus may not be as popular as Break Even, but they are definitely (and quickly) making a name for themselves. Pumping out their pop-punk power tracks with passion and precision, clearly claiming new fans as they play their set, the Brisbane trio certainly fill the big shoes they were required to fill at such late notice. Get in early next time to catch these fellas.

Ironically, hailing from the picturesque and sunny Virginia Beach USA, the four piece visit Australia for the first time bringing their melancholic style of shoe-gaze indie-rock, a swift genre change for the group released under their 2015 record Peripheral Vision. The close-to-sold-out crowd crammed into The Triffid stage room to watch the Virginians play out their set, surprised and humbled the fans singing singer’s Austin Getz’s lyrics back to them. Although Turnover’s music is far lighter than that of Columbus or Basement, their simplistic riffs and deep, brooding lyrical undertones perfectly calm the room at the Triffid, a surprisingly delightful gear change amongst the heavy lineup.

From mellow indie rock to hard hitting punk rock, Basement take to the stage with the full force of their most popular release to date, Promise Everything behind them. Opening up with first track off of their 2012 record Colourmeinkindness, Whole throws the brutal force of Basement at the crowd, with their huge sound blowing up the Triffid’s stage room. While Alex Henery and Ronan Crix’s guitars deafeningly wail throughout the set, making the sound produced under their records waiver in comparison, lead vocalist Andrew Fisher’s voice is put to the test, absolutely coming out on top. Being able to flow over the massive sound of Basement with his clean cut, desperate vocal sound  and making it look so effortless it is truly awe inspiring. Aesthetically, the band’s low light on stage, coming out as mere silhouettes behind the low light at the back of the stage bring a new element to the band’s punk rock style, ominously pulling shapes that look like shadows on the stage throughout the show. Whether this was a request from the band or that the The Triffid’s lighting guy is on fire tonight, either way it is a genius way to present the groups live show. The band go on to a play a seemingly balanced spread of tunes from their three records released to date, satisfying the old the fans and intriguing the new.

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