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Images – Zach Hogg
Review – Richelle Allan

Melbourne artists Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme aka the musical geniuses of beloved indie-pop duo Big Scary have hit the road promoting 2016 album Animal for the second time with their new national tour LaminaThe duo began way back in ’06 and it’s a thrilling sight to see the pair still going strong with no intention on slowing down any time soon. Which is great news for all of us. Bear Family pushed through the crowds to get the best glimpse of this not to miss gig.


The young guns of Cub Sport easily get our attention as they enter the stage to begin this banger of a Saturday. Young girls come running from the bar, swarming like animals to witness the pure beauty of these local Brissy heartthrobs. We are privileged to be introduced to their new song Hawaiian Party, definitely a hit to come. Along with their cover of Kanye’s Ultralight Beam and personal hits Only friend, I Feel Bad Now and Come On Mess Me Up from their most recent album, This Is Our Vice.


Screams and cheers fill the room as the lights dim and the show begins. Big scary hit the stage along with fellow musicians Gus Rigby, Christopher Port and Ted O’Neil. Syme shows her true girl power as she bashes at her drums to Saviour Add Vice. The crowd are surely alerted that with an intro this banging we are definitely in for an astounding show. The group settle in with a play-by-play of their recent album Animal whilst showing off with phenomenal light displays and instrumental solos by each of the stage members.

The mesmerising voice of Iansek and the beat of the music is hypnotising as it becomes impossible not to toe tap and shoulder slide along to the rhythm. Organism, Luck Now and The Opposite of Us are definitely the crowd pleasers of the night, with fans singing passionately alongside the duo. Big Scary end their set by bringing out Rigby, Port and O’Neil once again with climactic finisher Gladiator. The kaleidoscope of red and white lights along with the heavy beat of this perfect song is an incredibly awesome way to end this killer set.


Saxophonist Gus Rugby was an incredible sight and sound as he was rocking out on that sweet sweet sax. His solo during song Over Matter has left us feeling like we are in the back streets of New York, begging for more of that body moving jazz.

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