In the Flesh! Boy & Bear @ Riverstage, Brisbane


Words – Meredith McLean
Photos – Zach Hogg

What better place for Boy & Bear to finish up their Limit of Love Tour than in our very own Brisbane. The recently released album Limit of Love is at the crux of this tour, and even made it onto Triple J’s Hottest 100 with their single Walk The Wire.

The evening started with Montaigne’s lilting voice drifting over the Brisbane sunset. True to her own brand of stage presence, her brutal honesty and stories behind each song were both funny and adorable.

Montaigne Riverstage

As it got darker Art of Sleeping moved in, and appeared to be the fan favourite. Crowds started running and rolling down the hill to get to the growing crowd near the stage. Front man Caleb Hodges spoke about their last experience playing at Riverstage being far back somewhere on the hill, on a measly wooden platform that could barely fit half the band. He conceded he liked this experience looking up at the faces on the hill much better.

Both Art of Sleeping and Montaigne gave praise to Boy & Bear for giving them the opportunity to join the tour. It seemed there was no limit of love between the three bands (ba-dum-tiss).

Art of Sleeping

True to the sentiment Boy & Bear opened with the title track of their latest album Limit of Love. And then continued to share the love when they thanked the sound tech and stage production team involved in the tour. The sentiments were refreshing to say the least.

They launched into other album tracks such as the very ghost-like Just Dumb. The backlights flared up and the spotlights died down, making the five-man strong band look like ghostly figures fading in and out of the stage. These more serene performances were just as mesmerizing as their cover of Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, which made it onto Triple J’s Like A Version series.

Boy & Bear crowd

They closed the evening with the Triple J Hottest 100 track and fan favourite Walk The Wire. Interestingly enough, the most popular tracks on their latest album have more of an old school electric rock influence to it. Their performances of the bigger hits are almost note for note perfect as if you were listening to the record. Depending on where you stand it can be seen as either impressive that they really can perform their songs or disappointing that there’s no imagination or free-styling to their live versions.

True to their word in other live shows, Boy & Bear don’t believe in encores. So as Walk The Wire ended there, as did the tour reach its final destination. It’ll be interesting to see if Boy & Bear follow this electric sentiment further or retreat to their earlier album sounds again. But, we won’t know until the next album and tour comes around.

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