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Review and Pics – Cristina Jorgensen

It’s Friday night in Fortitude Valley’s favourite metal bar, Crowbar and the punters have flocked to catch Ceres do their beautiful alternative, punky thang.


Brisbane boys We Set Sail play to a very welcoming crowd. With only six songs to play, their set seems to be over before it had begun leaving fans hungry for their next performance. It’s great to see five guys crammed up on that tiny stage with speakers and a drum kit without holding back on hair moshing and having the time of their lives.



Crowbar had another show happening downstairs which you could hear and feel but was not ruining what was going on upstairs. Lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Lanyon let the crowd know that Destroyer 666 was playing an encore and hopefully will be finished soon so Ceres to start. As the crowd patiently waited you could still hear the encore being belted out below below; it did not seem like it was ending anytime soon. The door to backstage was opened by a staff member and you can see Ceres huddle together getting ready to take to the stage.

Ceres make to the stage and Lanyon lets us know that even though it’s a quiet one, they’re going to kick off with Okay, the opening track from their latest record Drag It Down On You.  The moment Ceres start playing, it seems like there was nothing else going on around us; it’s just the band, the crowd, and the music, nothing else. Once Okay finishes, Lanyon jokes that Destroyer 666 could be playing downstairs all night.

Ceres play mostly new songs from Drag It Down On You released on September 2nd, including: Happy In Your Head, Laundry Echo and Loaf. The big highlights for the night is definitely at the end of 91, Your House. The crowd became very involved which shows how much of a connection people have with Ceres‘ music. Right at the end as Lanyon is screaming “I’m such a piece of shit” one of the guys from the front row jumps up and starts crowd surfing with everyone supporting him with singing and moshing along. 91, Your House finishes and you can hear someone in the crowd yell out “Play another banger!” With no surprise, this is exactly what they do as they play those first beautifully bleak notes of Choke.



Ceres are about to close out the night with Baby’s Breath but the crowd is so amped up and excited that they decide they’ve got a little more in their tanks. This makes the crowd extremely happy and really makes you forget that they started plating fifteen or so minutes. When Baby’s Breath ends Lanyon tells the crowd that he is so unfit and guitarist Rhys Vleugel chimes in saying that Tom had just done a marathon weeks before. Ceres close out the night by giving all they’ve got left into Jam Song and the night ends perfectly.


 “When we finished the album it was so dark and moody. I thought you pricks didn’t even deserve it.”

It’s no wonder the Melbourne lads have sold out the show tonight as they deliver an unforgettable performance with: hilarious banter, a super energetic performance, crowd surfing, a killer setlist and the most supportive crowd who know every word to every song off the new album even with it only being out for two months. It’s inevitable that great things are in the future for these fellas.


Cristina Jorgensen

Cristina is one of our Brisbane collective and she loves music more than just about anyone you know. A talented lady and lovely to boot.

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