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IN THE FLESH! City and Colour @ The Tivoli Live Review


Snaps by ZacharyTexas

Words by Kirsty Keene

Just one day after their headlining show at Bluesfest, City and Colour were in Brisbane to play the first show of their Australian tour. Not surprisingly the venue was sold out for the band at The Tivoli. Entering, it was hard not to notice the different ages that appreciate their melodic, melancholic jams.

Little May, the Sydney based trio, soon warmed up the crowd with their unique brand of indie pop. The band were super energetic getting everyone’s attention with hits Boardwalks and Home. Little May are still the band you can approach after the show and give accolades to. Apart from being multi-talented songstresses they displayed how graceful they are by repeatedly thanking the ground and mentioning their upcoming solo shows. Worth seeing!

Dallas Green came on stage followed by his band which is made of: Dante Schwebel, Doug MacGregor, Jack Lawrence and Matt Kelly. Without introduction they jumped straight in with Woman from the 2015 album If I should go before you. Despite being the most recent album everyone seemed to know and enjoy the rhythmic ballad.

The night was mainly a show case of the Band’s 2015 album If I Should Go Before you and the 2008 Bring Me your love. ‘Here is a very old song, with a twist of lime’, said Dallas before turning and playing Hello, I’m in Delaware. From that point people began to call for Comin’ home, but it became clear that was not on the menu.
Dallas held his own against the fans that thought they were at the pub. ‘Everybody shut up’ he said as one fan started screaming for Sleeping Sickness. ‘Do you ask for your Christmas presents the night before?’, Dallas quipped before playing the song.

As Much As I Ever Could showed us exactly how well Dante can shred a guitar with an epic guitar solo. The band left the stage after that to leave Dallas to do some acoustic songs on his own.

City and Colour have become a regular Australian venue appearance, this being Dallas’s fifteenth visit. He specifically took the time to to mention his love for Australia and specifically The Tivoli before describing how humbled he is by his fans. The night really proved that their music was not just slow songs to sway to but rather a unique combination of multi-instrumentalists fronted by the smooth melodies of Dallas Green. Night well spent.


‘I dare you not to film this’

                                 -Green challenged the audience to refrain from social media as he launched into popular hit The Girl- not many accepted.


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