City Calm Down at woolly Mammoth live review

IN THE FLESH! City Calm Down @ The Woolly Mammoth


Words by Georgia Corpe

Piccies by Cristina Jorgensen

If you haven’t heard of City Calm Down yet, you are in for a shock. After releasing a deep and brooding debut at the end of last year, one of which that gets better after every listen, the Melbourne fellas finally take In A Restless House to the road. And if selling out nine out of ten shows on the tour isn’t enough of an indication of a cracker of live show, then what the heck is?

Starting off the set with the record’s opener Intro and quickly transitioning into the infectious pulsating dance track, yet ironically rort with melancholic undertones, Border of Control sets the evenings theme of depressingly uplifting tunes; think The National meets Cut Copy. The set then fronts up on all of it’s promises, delving into the records finest with Son, Your Fix and Rabbit Run. The band flexes their live music chops as they perform Wandering, executing the brooding, slow burn of a tune with absolute flawlessness. Frontman Jack Bourke sings the song with emotion and conviction, engaging the audience with his lyrics whilst extending his body over the crowd, comparable to a much younger, more nimble Nick Cave. Bourke’s charm was very much in competition with the presence of a trumpet and sax, tucked behind Sam Mullaly’s elaborate synth set up, accentuating hooks and melodies. Goose bumps are a plenty as the brass section takes over the bands Spanish Sahara cover.

 It is obvious that since releasing In a Restless House, City Calm Down have found the key to having a crowd fall in love with your music – having a cracker of a live performance to compliment it. Since catching the band at last years Brisbane’s Bigsound, the fellas have improved their stage presence enormously, exceeding the crowds expectations as they turn those intrigued by the band into lovers of their debut record and reassuring current fans of their underestimated musical charm.


Cristina Jorgensen

Cristina is one of our Brisbane collective and she loves music more than just about anyone you know. A talented lady and lovely to boot.

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