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Pics – Zach Hogg
Review – Richelle Allan

Client Liaison took us back to the 80s and 90s on Friday sharing with us their latest album release Diplomatic Immunity. Their show was an ode to all things Australiana and the hedonism of the corporate world at the turn of the ’90s.  It was a full on astounding performance full of hip thrusts, fireworks and a litres of fosters

The Other Guys – Luke Million

Luke Million warmed up the night by taking us on a trip to his funky disco universe. We were all eagerly awaiting to hear his extended remix of the Stranger Things theme song and weren’t we all pleased when he gave us exactly what we wanted. Red lights pulsated as he started playing the eerie synth creating a creepy and dark effect. He ended his set with Arnold and of course we all couldn’t help but join in with his “down, up” dance moves.

The Main Squeeze

As the clock hit 9.20 the room went dark and the screams echoed. The curtains were raised to reveal a stage setup of a 80s office, complete with giant water coolers, plants and of course an old school PC and phone. A grainy film of a young John Howard and Paul Keating played in the background of the set, as Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan ran out from either side of the stage, high fived in the middle and Started the night with their funky Aussie tune Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight. The boys were fully decked out in matching corporate attire, embellished with sequined Australian symbols. Monte even played a solo on a didgeridoo during the performance, it was mighty impressive.

They performed a variety of tunes from their latest release album Diplomatic Immunity such as Hotel Stay, Electric Eyes and hits that we all went crazy over like Off White Limousine shuffled in with old jump around classics Feed the Rhythm and Feeling from their much loved 2014 EP. The finale was Disneyland for all Gen y kids.

The Client boys re-appeared back on stage for an encore, performing World of Our Love. Bright lights flashed over the room, fireworks and smoke blew up along the edge of the stage, Flowers were thrown into the audience by Monte and every person in the room joined forces to become one big Client Liaison loving family. The song eventually finished, sadly, and the boys bowed and thanked us all for coming, but they gave us one last gift before we headed. The Horses by Daryl Braithwaite belted out through the speakers and the crowd ran wild, serenading each other with the beautiful hit tune.

The Highlight

The Client boys performed a cover of popular 90s duo, Savage Gardens, I Want You to end the night, before coming back out for an encore. It felt like you had stepped back in time to the 90s as we all belted our hearts out to this classic Aussie hit.

The Banter

The boys took a break from the performance to head out the back to grab cases of Fosters which they threw out to lucky fans in the audience. Of course saving themselves a sneaky one each to sip in between each tune.


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