In the Flesh! Deftones @ Brisbane Riverstage


Pics – Zach Hogg
Review – Meredith McLean

School nights are for chumps! Everyone is at Brisbane’s Riverstage on this fine Sunday night listening to Deftones‘ album tour, Gore. The album, which had a few bumps and kinks before finally getting an official release April this year is worth it in the end.

These guys are the tough as nail types most bands pretend to be. They sing and howl in a way that says they don’t care anymore, but while they’re on stage they’ll keep screaming until their throats spill out and they’ve nothing left but a whimper in the dark. But before they prove once more that they’re a power house in the face of a challenge let’s talk about what went down before the sun went down.

Sitting on the hill listening to Voyager, it seems the moon was prettier than when the supposed super moon showed up. Fans are ready to embrace the rain as the Western Australian prog-rockers play some jams with subtle hints of space and grunge, and yet we were greeted with sunshine and a sweet breeze instead.

The caliber of all the bands is those of experienced men who are intimate with their instruments. The crowd filled fast as Karnivool take the stage. Some might have even expected them to be the headliner – an even contest between Karnivool and Deftones.

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As if bringing a shadow with them it got dark quickly, an array of stage lights took Karnivool into an other-worldy realm. Their rendition of New Day will leave everyone with sore throats because the crowd can’t help but scream along with them.

Deftones take to the stage with a light display like shards of twinkling glass. The intuition of the set list seems to hit that sweet spot between promoting the album and playing the fan faves.

Copyright Zacharytexas 2015

Based on the energy extruded, you wouldn’t guess that these guys have been active since 1988. Frontman, Chino Moreno very rarely hangs back with the band preferring to get as far to the edge – like staring off a cliff into a black sea of people.

A black sea which, with enough lights can be seen rising up as one awesome wave – thousands and thousands of people on the hill cheer the band and their legacy on.   


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