In the Flesh! Dustin Tebbutt & Lisa Mitchell @ The Triffid


Review – Richelle Allan
Pics – Zach Hogg

What better artists to pair together than the ever so beautiful, Lisa Mitchell and the handsome as heck, Dustin Tebbutt. Their heart-warming voices go together like cheese and wine. Lucky for fans, the two have joined forces to create collaborative tour Distant Call. The gig features a mix of collaborations between the pair, along with songs from Tebbutt’s debut album, First Light and Mitchell’s latest record, Warriors. Bear Fam were lucky enough to score front row seats to this, not-to-miss gig.


Sydney soloist, Alex the Astronaut graces the stage first, with just her humble little self and beloved acoustic guitar. She has us all singing along, through emotional choked up voices to Already Home and I Believe in Music. Everyone starts jumping around and smiling from ear to ear as she starts rocking out to current hit Rockstar City. We can’t get enough of this absolute sweetheart and it’s a sad sight to see her walk off stage.


We can’t be too sad, the main squeezes of the night Lisa Mitchell and Dustin Tebbutt are yet to perform. The stage setup is simple yet whimsical with both Lisa and Dustin’s mics joined together with tiny, glistening fairy lights. The pair start the set with What Is Love, originally performed solo by Lisa, they make this soft, romantic melody ten times more magical by sharing the tune between one another. The onstage chemistry between their voices is truly breathtaking. Dustin shares with us hit songs First Light and Give Me Tonight from his latest album release, along with older hits Home, Bones and Satellite. Lisa of course had to share her most popular tune Coin Laundry which was a huge crowd pleaser and she threw in Josephine, Bless This Mess and did a truly beautiful cover of Dustin’s own song See Your Gold. It’s the harmonies they sing together, The Breach, Spiritus and their cover of RUFUS’ Innerbloom, that leave us all truly mesmerised and wanting more and more from the dreamy duo. Here’s hoping there’s more collaborating in the works for the two in the near future.

The Highlight

Lisa Mitchell won us over with old classic Neapolitan Dreams from her first album Wonder. There wasn’t a single person in the audience that didn’t know the lyrics to this magical hit. We all sang in perfect harmony to the “bah dah bah da da dum” tune. It was a truly joyful moment.

The Banter

Dustin loved joking with us about stories of his childhood pets and the silly things him and Lisa would get up to on tour. We thoroughly enjoyed listening and would egg him on for more in-between sets.

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