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In the Flesh! Flume @ Brisbane Riverstage


Images – Zach Hogg
Review – Meredith McLean

Lightshows and starry skies; that’s how we sum Flume’s return to Aus to close out the massive world tour. Besides an incredible light display featuring a beautiful cacophony of beams and smoke, Flume manages to achieve the impossible. In such an immense crowd at a sold out show, you don’t feel like a speck in the many, an awkward kid being bumped about by drunks in the mosh: Flume makes you feel like he is talking to each and everyone of you while you all dance happily in the wet grass.

In contrast, supports Vince Staples and Sophie both have a certain characteristic aggression in their music that makes the drop of the bass seem even more harsh than usual. Though Flume is nowhere near as in-the-face as these two were, it seems to make a nice loop.

vincestaples - Copyright Zacharytexas 2015

Or at least, it definitely makes for a contrast. If anything can be said about Flume, it’s that he loves his building intros. We’re not talking about the almost infamous build up before any drop in a mega dance-dance hit. What we mean is 15 minutes of ambient sounds and ethereal tunes, as smoke and lights and DJ decks sans Harley Streten intensify brighter and brighter. Certainly, it was for effect and the DJ Boy Wonder has earned his keep to indulge, but this intro was looooong.

Perhaps what makes Flume great is that he really is a normal bloke. All his songs are so diverse, flipping from ambient to hard style to club hit to crunchy techno-rap – kinda’ like any of us. We all listen to different music, turns out Flume makes different music. But what really cements him in as a great bloke status is his stage presence. He’s like someone at the pub thanking you for coming to his birthday beers. So grateful for any love, he thanked his supports several times, and the fans a dozen more and admitted he was glad to be “back in Oz”. 

KUCKA - Copyright Zacharytexas 2015

He also thanked Vincent Staples who made several appearances as well as Kučka whose unique voice sets the tone for the track Smoke and Retribution. The ninety minute set practically went through Flume’s entire discography before ending on the song Free from his new album called Skin.

During Take A Chance he even got the crowd to announce their unrequited love for the song by raising their phones in the air. At least he knows his audience. From the giant screens showing Flume’s point of view, it looked like a starry night sky. We like to think one day Flume won’t be a tre’ cool 25 year old with international status as a DJ, he’ll be just an old man and he’ll tell people “I once saw the stars within an arm’s reach and I could’ve taken them all with me.” And the best bit is we got to be those stars.

Flume - Copyright Zacharytexas 2015


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