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Pics – Cristina Jorgensen
Review – Dan Etiel

It’s a huge night at the iconic Tivoli Theatre as Grinspoon return to Brisbane to shred through the seminal Guide To Better Living album on the 20th anniversary of its release. It’s clear that over two decades later, Grinspoon still bring the heat and know just how to get everyone – from your younger brother to your mum – all revved up.

The Other Guys: Good Boy & Hockey Dad

Good Boy rip into their set with a busy Tivoli full of early punters. Great riffs, a lively stage presence from this local three-piece and an eager crowd mix just right to create one of the liveliest pre-set atmospheres this year.

Hockey Dad kick it up a notch and get the crowd heavy rock ready. It’s clear the band has a decent following in the sunshine state as the crowd holler and jive to the tunes. Either that or everyone’s drinks are going down smooth and fast. The pre-show wraps up with Rian King of Good Boy joining the Hockey Dad duo for back-up vocals and a dance-off.

The two up-and-coming bands are the perfect support for the Grinners, gelling nicely into the grassroots, Aussie throwback vibe of the night.

The Main Squeeze: Grinspoon

The Tiv is brimming with anticipation and the venue is about to explode as the roadies remove the minimal support paraphernalia and transform it into a stage set-up worthy of an iconic rock band. Stacks of amps, pedal boards, some machines and lights galore. We’re clearly in for a treat.

The band take to the stage and kick things off fittingly with Pressure Tested as the crowd goes nuts. Hard-hitting riffs and Phil Jamieson’s signature on-stage panache immediately take hold. It’s just like being transported back to a Grinners show at the peak of their popularity. Crowd surfing, moshing, a fantastic light show and sweat everywhere.  The band’s energy and enthusiasm is still very much there. Plus. with one of the hardest albums as the backbone of the set list it’s hard for Grinners to fail at putting on an epic show.

The band stay true to their promise – it’s a full play through of Guide to Better Living, and so the band perform hit after hit, in the same order of original track listing. The crowd knows all the words (they are 20 year old lyrics after all) and really get involved during the thrashers DX3, Champion and Just Ace.

The vibe of the room keeps gaining momentum from start to finish, reaching fever pitch as the Grinners move from the classic album and treat us to all their absolute belters – including 1000 Miles, Chemical Heart, Hard Act to Follow and Ready 1.

The band close out the night with a stirring rendition of More Than You Are aided by everyone in the venue screaming their lungs out. Strobes flash, smoke pillars billow and confetti covers the room as the boys (well, technically men) take their final bow.

The Banter

“We’ve never played at the Triffid. It’s great to finally play here, thanks for having us.” Truly a party foul from Hockey Dad.

The Lowlights

No female musicians on the bill – c’mon mates!

The Highlights

The fact that pretty much every recognisable Grinspoon song is on the set list makes this a truly special night.

Cristina Jorgensen

Cristina is one of our Brisbane collective and she loves music more than just about anyone you know. A talented lady and lovely to boot.

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