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Review – Georgia Corpe
Pics – Bobby Rein

Scottish alt-rock duo Honeyblood have finally graced our shores to tour their catchy af sophomore album Babes Never Die. After having some radio success with their single Sea Hearts over here, Australian audiences are keen to see how they pull off all that noise with just guitarist/vocalist and drummer. Bear Family tagged along to find out.

As the half-full Brightside crowd gather up the back of the room, close to the bar, polishing off some beers, little did we all know guitarist/vocalist, Stina Tweeddale, and drummer, Cat Myers, were too enjoying a bevvy at the bar. Before we all knew it, their manager taps them on the shoulder, they scull their beers, run up to the stage, and it’s show time.


Kicking off the cracker of a set with Justine, Misery Queen, the pair show-off their incredible musical range right at the get-go, as Tweeddale sings like a freakin’-angel whilst smashing out that loud, complimentary rhythmic guitar, Myers effortlessly plays out her filler-full drum parts and backing up Tweeddale with a few ‘bah bahs’ in between. Not only does Myers destroy her rhythm section, she also takes on the keyboard parts with a drumming pad mixed-in amongst the toms. Impressive!


As the duo settle in to a basic play-by-play of their sophomore album, the crowd grows bigger in size, drunker, and more energetic. Crowd favourites soon become Love is a Disease, Sea Hearts and Walking at Midnight. The duo close out their set with Babes Never Die, entrusting the Brissie crowd with their beloved GoPro to capture the drunken magic on this Friday eve. All-in-all, the pair play a solid rock-show in a dank, sticky-floored bar, and it was absolutely awesome.


The aforementioned track Babes Never Die was an absolute hit with Honeyblood’s Brisbane fans. A crowd made-up of mainly young women, the song was seemingly empowering, as all the ladies crowd up the front of the stage to scream ‘BABES NEVER DIE!’



In between the duo’s setlist, Myers asks for tips on Aussie slang. Naturally, after being hurled with insults involving the C-word, Myers and Tweeddale give up before moving onto the next hot track. Onya, Straya.


Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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