Jaala live review

IN THE FLESH! Jaala @ Plan B


Words by Harry Ward

I remember asking my friends for new album recommendations. Jaala was mentioned. I gave it a spin on Spotify and KABLAM!, I found my new favourite Australian act.

Jaala’s debut record Hard Hold is intelligently written, brutally performed and elegantly produced. I needed to see how they went on stage.

They were greeted by a tame venue at full capacity; a rare combination. An exciting array of temperamental time signatures kept my attention, leaving no moment for the audience to tune out. The great thing about watching Jaala is that there is no need to favour one song over the other, it is best appreciated as a complete performance (as is the album). The tune introduced as Froggy was completely new to me and proved to be another string to this band’s dynamically ferocious bow.

It was one of those shows where, while watching, you are constantly asking yourself “how the fuck do these guys remember these songs?” as structure doesn’t seem to be the crux of young Cosima Jaala’s song-writing, which is an admirable move in the age of ultra-repetition.

I am in awe of the band, the album, the song-writing and the direction in which they are heading. Jaala will do just fine.


When finishing a song, Jaala told the two young girls smack bang in front of the stage that the song “…was for you guys!” She continued, “Ah, but you missed it because you were on your phone the whole time. Fuck!” She was kind enough to dedicate the next song to them too. The phone was put away.



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