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IN THE FLESH! Jack Garratt Live at 170 Russell Melbourne


Jack Garratt, like the finest cream, has risen to the top in what seems like a heartbeat-his first big single Breathe Life was taken to by the Aussie masses like a 29 year old accountant with low self-esteem/crippling nostalgia takes to Pokemon Go. The public devoured this British electro-troubadour and couldn’t get enough. Breathe Life was followed by hits Weathered and Worry, which quickly rose up the charts and into people’s hearts.

And at Jack’s debut Melbourne appearance it was pretty apparent how much love was in the room. A solo figure on stage, Garratt’s cheeky face, smooth pop voice and bold multi-instrumentalism wowed the room from the outset and by the time Jack hit Weathered he had the whole room singing along. Jack paused the track midway through to get an assistant to film the performance ‘for his Mum’. Cute.

Jack is certainly a busy boy up there. If it’s not multi-tasking 2 or more instruments at once, he’s pulling the most ridiculous ‘funk-faces’ you’ve ever seen and generally just throwing himself into every little thing he does. The boy loves it.

Crusing through an album full of hits, Jacky G even through in a few covers, including an impromptu Michael McDonald cover and a very ’90’s kid’ homage to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

Walking back through the venue after taking a few piccies, it was clear to see everyone was glued to Garratt’s every move, a room full of devotees who were well and truly riding the same wave Garratt has been surfing for the last 12 months across the world. With a huge appearance at Splendour coming up, it was time for Jack to call it a night, but not after a rousing crowd singalong during Surprise Yourself which almost tore the damn roof off.


“I’ve made a terrible mistake- I’ve just found out recently that the last two songs I played are doing rather well here…And I’ve just opened the set with them..so now you have nothing to look forward to..”

-Jack Garratt was apologetic for ‘letting us down’ by opening rather than closing with hits. They’re all hits, Jack.




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