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Review – Richelle Allan
Images – Zach Hogg

Loveable Sydney boy Josh Pyke is on the road once again. This time to celebrate ten years since the release of his first album Memories and Dust.  Sadly josh has decided that this tour will be his last for some time, as he will be heading into hiatus at the end of this year.  After ten years of constant touring, this humble singer/songwriter is definitely deserving of a long break. But first he needs to put on one amazing last show for all his adoring Brissy fans.


Kyle Lionhart settles the crowd into their seats with his heart warming and “kind of sad set” as he quotes. This young man has some serious talent. His dreamy soft voice alongside his powerful heart filled lyrics are breathtaking to hear, leaving the whole audience in awe. He performs songs Sweet Girl, What I Already Know and Moving Forward. Each song holds an important and inspiring story behind it. His whole set makes you feel completely blessed and appreciative of life.


We can barely count to five after Lionharts set, before Pyke and his band waltz on up onto the stage to take over. No time is wasted as he starts strumming away the laid back tune of Lines On Palms. Continuing on with hits Memories & Dust, Forever Song and Mannequins, from his debut album Memories and Dust. Each song is a reminiscence of life back in 2007, when we were all ten years younger and a little less wise. The set is kept very chill and minimal the whole way through. Soft blues and purples are used to illuminate the stage and Pykes adorably rugged face. He jokes with us in between songs about his wife and his adventures on the road, making the experience of the night feel extremely intimate and light hearted. The night is split into two different sets.

After singing every song from his Album Memories and Dust he leaves the stage for a short break, then returns to perform a mix of songs from his 2017 album The Best Of. He begins with Bug Eyed Beauty, Following on with The Lighthouse Song, Into The Wind and Maths & Magic. The night is ended with one of his best songs of all time and complete crowd pleaser Make You Happy. Pyke gathers his band mates, they all bow their heads and sadly farewell us for the next few years.
All the best on your break Josh, you deserve it!


Josh being the adorable man he is dedicated his song middle hill to anyone in the audience with the name Ingrid. Trying to be funny he sang the song only using the word Ingrid. Before then singing the original song after the audience had a good laugh.

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