Josh Pyke at The Triffid

In the Flesh! Josh Pyke w/Banff


Photos by Zachary Texas

Words by Georgia Corpe

The illustrious Josh Pyke is back on the road after the release of his sixth studio cracker But For All These Shrinking Hearts, released back in July 2015. The tour, named after the record, see’s Pyke travel around most of the country throughout this month. Tonight, Pyke is smack bang in the middle of the tour and hitting The Triffid.

Although tonight’s gig didn’t sell out, it would have been darn close to doing so; the crowd packed the room, front to back, top to bottom. It was apparent that regardless of how much publicity or plays on Triple J Pyke gets, he is definitely in the Australian music elitist club, drawing in a crowd regardless of what he has put out.

Pyke sets the mood for the evenings nostalgic vibes with Book of Revelations, easing the crowd from Songlines into Memories and Dust and Sew My Name, taking the crowd back to 2007, undoubtedly thinking ‘where was I’ when they first heard these classic tunes.

Tip of the hat to Mr Pyke; he still pulls a crowd and nails every song, with his voice sounding as plush and fresh as it was back when we heard him with The Lighthouse Song. The dynamic and balanced set he presented also showed off his massive back-catalogue of highly rotated treasures, entrancing the crowd and just putting on a really good show to watch and listen to.


It is difficult to go past Middle Of The Hill as one of the highlights of tonights set; a song that will remind you of childhood, without needing to have any of the experiences reminisced by Pyke. Something truly iconically Australian about cooling your head on the concrete steps after a warm arvie. The crowd stood in silence as they listened to Pyke’s smooth voice spit out his memories.


Pyke’s quick wit and down to earth personality had fans adoring him even more. After Pyke finished Sew My Name he quickly pointed out how he could sell the song to a shoe brand; “Oh I’m always thinking about shoes”.

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