In the Flesh! Kingswood @ The Triffid


Pics – Zach Hogg
Review – Richelle Allen

The three indie rock boys of Kingswood are back in Brissy to share with us the killer live vocals of their latest album release After Hours, Close to Dawn. The band have decided to go in a completely different direction with their follow up album. Comparing it to the metallic rock edges of their debut album Microscopic Wars, After Hours, Close to Dawn is a very sexy, soulful and RnB grooving mix of tunes.

The sold out show was a roller coaster of hard core indie rock songs such as sucker Punch, Ohio and Mircro Wars and new-down tempo blues hymns like Golden, Big City and Rebel Babe. The stage was filled with sax players, keyboardists, bassist and two beautiful backup vocalists who loved showing off their 70s inspired grooves. A spectacular light show lit the stage throughout the night pulsating and dancing differently with each song adding that extra wow factor to the whole experience of the show.

The Other Guys – WAAX

Brissy Locals Waax started the night by getting the crowd pumped with their heavy, punk rock style. Lead vocalist Marie DeVita Shredded up the stage with her hard core dance moves and passionate, ear scorching choruses.  She is definitely not one to hold back and was rather keen to show some good old butt kicking girl power.

The Main Squeeze

Before the show started the crowd was rocking out to the classical ballad, Queens, Bohemium Rhapsody. Just as the song was getting to best part, suddenly it smoothly transitioned into Looking for Love and the three boys of Kingswood’s shadows emerged in front of the bright eye blinding lights. The crowd was not expecting them to start so soon and people from all directions came running towards the stage. The sweet harmony of looking for love was a perfect choice to open up the show on a softer side before the real party began.

Halfway through the set the boys performed one of their classic head bangers Sucker Punch which had the roars and jumping of the audience shaking the room. They continued with a couple of bangers from Microscopic wars before stepping forward again with the “baby making tunes” as Alex specified, of After Hours, Close to Dawn, wrapping up the night on a sweet note.

The Highlight

Of course they would save the best for last, it’s expected really. Their hit single Creepin had all arms of the audience raised and all bodies swinging. It was an exhilarating scene to view along with the pulsating florescent pink light show waving from the back giving the stage a dreamy, sexy perspective.

The Banter

In between the setlist the group loved interacting with the crowd by complementing the audience member’s hair styles. Though we all know Alex was the winner of best hair with his luscious long locks.


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