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IN THE FLESH! M83 @ The Tivoli


Words by Kirsty Keene

Photos by Zachary Texas Photography

The Tivoli went off Saturday night as Japanese Wallpaper and M83 graced Brisbane. Returning for their seventh LP ‘Junk’ tour, their performance was anything but junk as they enticed their audience with an alluring light show and electro anthems.

Punters trickled into the venue as

ased the audience into his indie beats with Breathe in and finishing with his hit Forces.

Soon enough Anthony Gonzalez entered the stage followed by his band, they opened with Reunion from the 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

The crowd reacted ecstatically, these were mostly seasoned M83 fans. The stage was perfectly set up, you could see the complexity of each band members part. Special mention to Joe Berry who absolutely kills it on the saxophone and ewi (electronic woodwind by the way). A crowd favorite was noticeably Do It, Try It, played second it felt a bit early to play such a banger of a song. The highlight was of course the epic hit Midnight City, which had the audience singing along to every synth beat. It was near impossible to top that but seeing Jordan Lawlor, who plays lead guitar, dancing on stage for over eight minutes to Couleurs was pretty mesmerizing. Kaela Sinclair really caught attention with her vocals on Intro, she has a really powerful voice which really needed minimal amplification.


The lights were amazing and entrancing, perfectly synced to the music.

The set was a great mix of their back catalogue, highlighting the strengths of previous albums as well as the latest, Junk.  Overall the night and performance was amazing and the crowd was a major part of that. I literally saw people towered on top of each other waving their torn shirts in the air. The evening ended with all five band members bowing hand-in-hand, the end of a great night.


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