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Pics – Zach Hogg
Review – Richelle Allan

Chart topping, hip hop rapper Macklemore has left the comfort of his wife and daughter in Seattle, Washington, to treat the world to the tour of his second solo studio album, GEMINI. The 2017 album contains a list of 16 different featured artists. Several of which have joined him on his tour.
The first stop on his tour is our lucky little hometown of Brissy. Unfortunately on this particular evening fans must toughen it out under the pouring rain and through cold summer winds. But not a single complaint was heard from the 9000 fans here. Instead thousands of smiling faces and grooving bodies can be seen from every direction.


Xperience and Dave B hit the stage one after the other laying out an epic array of fiery tracks that lead the crowd into a frenzy of fist pumps and hip thrusts. Both rappers feature on several songs from the GEMINI album and once off stage it’s most likely our eyes will witness the two many more times alongside Macklemore this evening.


Flying onto the stage as if shot from a cannon, the American rapper is pure smoking fire from the get-go. First song on the album and first song of the night Aint Gonna Die Tonight followed by Fire Breather are a perfect couple to get this audience into their true savage form. Macklemore is joined by a trombonist, trumpeter, bass guitarist and of course his best mate, Jeremy Jones on the drums. A mix of minty fresh hits Marmalade, Good Old Days, Corner Store and Willy Wonka, from his 2017 album GEMINI, are swirled together with hits Thrift Shop, Downtown and Can’t Hold Us, from his previous records with Ryan Lewis, The Heist and This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. Very few dry eyes are in the crowd, as with all his pride and passion Macklemore performs his inspiring and heart touching hit Same Love. Pride flags and rainbow colours danced across the stage and lit up the smiles on each fans face. Macklemore finished up the night with his chart topping hit Glorious. He jokes that his Gran would kill him if he did not perform this song dedicated to herself. We are pretty stoked that he didn’t forget this banging tune either.

From the spectacularly stunning visuals of snow capped mountains, desert storms, and rolling crystal waves that lit up the back screen of the stage to the heart warming stories he tells about his adorable little girl and the expecting of his newborn child, early this year. This man is truly unforeseen to what his music makes him seem. He’s a positive, down to earth and very humble man, who loves to party his heart out on stage and create extremely unique rap music. Thanks for turning this cold, dreary and rainy night into a booty popping dance spectacular. You’re the man Macklemore!


Strutting his stuff onto the stage dressed as the old school candy making character, Willy Wonka for his track Willy Wonka was a pretty hilarious but extravagant sight not to mention the selection of  scenes from the original 1971 film played on the back screen throughout the song.

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