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Review – Georgia Corpe

Folk-pop wunderkinds Olivia “Oh” Hally and Pepita “Pep” Emmerichs AKA Oh Pep! return to the Australian touring circuit, this time hitting a butt-load of venues spanning from Western Australia down to Victoria and the Sunshine State, with some shows even selling out. Tonight is Brissie’s turn to hear the duo’s debut record Stadium Cake, and although not a sold out show, folk fans queue up, keen to hear that sweet, sweet mandolin.

It’s chilly outside, red wines-a-flowin’ and the dankness of Black Bear Lodge is a comfort in itself. The climate is perfect for listening to Oh Pep!’s stylistic and charming version of folk-pop, both simple yet complicated its performance, combining Emmerichs’ insane talent on both violin and mandolin, and Hally’s beautiful tales of love and loss. Rugged up and moistened, it’s time to get folky.

Having played Blackbear at the duo’s showcase at the 2016 BigSound conference, Hally and Emmerichs are no stranger to the Valley’s signature teeny tiny stage. Making themselves at home, the duo, plus their talented backline, open up their familiar show to their loyal fans with the best of Stadium Cake. Playing Wanting, Doctor Doctor and Trouble Now, the punters get their money’s worth of light-hearted folk-pop to make us all swoon.

Although Oh Pep! play their set to perfection, it is a shame the duo doesn’t delve into much new material for their local fans, probably thanks to their constant touring of Stadium Cake. Considering that, the pair also seemed a little exhausted with their debut’s tracks, with Hally changing up melodies, making it super difficult to sing-a-long to.


We all knew that Tea, Milk & Honey would be the sets highlight, a heart-wrenching song that builds into its emotional peak. A room half-filled with well-wined fans of Stadium Cake, we all band together to sing the band hook, “you don’t read the news on the TV, tea, milk and honey never satisfy me.”

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