Peking Duk- bear family review- Zach Hogg

IN THE FLESH! Peking Duk @ Eaton’s Hill Hotel


Peking Duk are pretty damn popular amongst pretty much everyone right now. They are the Furby of the 2010’s. Everyone loves them. Heaps.

In the last 12 months they’ve had success all over the world  and you can’t turn on your TV without Peking Duk peddling something to the public via a promotion to ‘meet the boys from Peking Duk and have a sick adventure with the lads and have a sick, sick time’.

So we thought we’d see what all the fuss is about. What do Peking Duk bring to the live arena that has them so universally adored?

Our guy Zach Hogg made the trek out to Eaton’s Hill Hotel to get amongst the insanity and as you can see by his piccies below-there was plenty of just that as well as some special guests!

Zach Hogg

Zach's got it all-looks, charm, charisma and a deadly aim with the lens. He likes to assemble Ikea furniture, quote early Simpsons episodes and pretending to understand art. He'll break your heart.

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