IN THE FLESH! Rare Finds #18 @ Oxford Arts Factory


Our newest member of the extended Bear Family, Adele, went on a reviewing rampage over the weekend at Rare Finds #18, one Sydney’s hottest nights for up and coming indie talent. With some of Australia’s best on show, how did it all go down?

Hot Spoke

Beginning the evening I was immediately enchanted by lead lady Ness & the flow between her & her band mates. Watching her I couldn’t stop thinking that she was somehow channeling the free spirited energy of Janis Joplin with her stage presence.

With the help of two old school rock n roll I’LL-ROCK-OUT-TO-ANY-GIG dudes, who possibly also were really digging the old school vibes, I was transported! These dudes REALLY started to rock out to Hot Spoke like nobody was watching, even hugging at one point – I legitimately felt like I was at Woodstock for a few minutes, in OAF, in 2016!


Ross Henry

Ross Henry knows how to create atmosphere, one dude! I really love seeing this one dude with a sweet voice & a drum pad music executed so well, with such conviction.

A cheeky glimmer in his eyes as though he knew exactly how he was building up the energy in the room, rendering a larger & larger applause by the end of each song. This kind of control can only appropriate an endearingly humble & bashful banter from Ross in response to the crowds woos. (1)

Nic Kelly DJ Set
Between bands Nic Kelly’s DJ set was to put simply, KILLING IT. His moves with the backdrop of a sexy dancing vine nymph were really keeping the crowd vibing – the live pics speak for themselves on this one. (2)

Mr Charles Sale! This guy – what a front man! I never made the effort to check out Babaganouj before today, a regrettable mistake. Having seen Mr Charles Sale play many times before in another musical incarnation, in which he wasn’t the front man – I was very impressed. Charles has always possessed A grade stage presence & banter, but the way he moves with a guitar now – many skill to you good sir 🙂

I’m a sucker for synchronicity & these guys have it down pat. The refined chemistry between this band is incredible, resulting in a constant outpouring of good vibes & uplifting sugary hits. One highlight was the local rock & roll dude finally getting a shout out for his rocking out efforts. There were so many amazing moments captured during the Babaganouj set I spent a good 30 minutes picking the best live photos for this blog! (3)

My second Rare Finds in a row after a massive gig going drought, going into the evenings knowing little to nothing at all about the bands playing I was really impressed with the variety in genre of acts Rare Finds select – each was a pleasant surprise that any music aficionado would, or at least should, appreciate.


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