IN THE FLESH! Regurgitator @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney


Words by Adele Stewart

Regurgitator are the band that keep on giving- from classic albums such as Unit, to game-changing bubble sessions, Regurgitator have a  place in every music lover’s hearts. Bear Family alumna Adele Stewart loves the ‘Gurg, and she headed down to Sydney’s Metro theatre to see if the boys are still killing it just as they were in 1993 when it all began.



To the vast majority of the audience who missed Seims, you missed some truly brain melting Math Rock. Check out the live photos for your dose of FOMO.
There isn’t much I can say about the songs as my jaw was on the floor most of the set, just know it was an unexpected musical journey that nobody should have missed.
Seims were nice enough to give warning before they kicked things off though; We’re called Siems … I hope you all have ear plugs cause it’s fucking loud, sorry (not sorry)”

I thought it was worth noting some amusing banter between lead dude Simeon & an audience member;A HUGE Thank you to Regurgitator & Jeremy Neale for having us .. I think may be the first time that Math Rock has been on stage at the Metro theatreto which a punter hastily shouts “BATTLES,” Simeon concedesOh actually nah you’re right.. Battles were here… we will forever be in their shadow“.

Jeremy Neale

Jeremy Neale was a bit of a grower for me as he got more comfortable on stage & the 2D indie-rock vibe became more energetic towards the middle of the set.
He had a great rapport with his band mates & by the end of the set the room was much more full. We were sold!


Things kicked off kinky for the first few songs, starting with I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I am.
I Will Lick Your Arsehole really got the already antsy Metro Theatre in the mood for what was to be a show that I’m sure many there, myself included, would go home describing as the best that had rocked the Metro in years.

I was really surprised more people weren’t singing along to Polyester Girl.

Virtual Life was a perfect way to wind things down as ‘The Gurg’ headed off stage to change out of their zany zebra zuit jacket suits into some stylish denim vests & say G’day to the vivacious Sydney crowd; “How nice is it to play the metro again?! Isn’t it cool we used to play all the time here in the 90’s! I think the first time was with the Hard Ons. It feels like we’re really in Sydney right now

The Gurg proceeded to alt-funk it up with Track 1 & then the crowd seemed to get a little more silly as Blubber Boy started ; a subtle reminder that we’re all in the midst of a of a 90’s revival.

Not a band to take the foot off the pedal, the boys blast the shit out of I Wanna Be a Nudist with even more energy than they have maintained for the entire set.

The Gurg are so good at putting their set-list together. They almost play DJ with their delicious array of genres, making sure the crowd is at maximum amp-age for the one & only ! (The song formerly known as), which finally did it!!! Together we created the illusive esoteric time machine. The ENTIRE ROOM was blasting every word, wooing, CHEERING.

A quick, cool exit can only be the only option after such a stellar performance.Thank you very much Sydney, until next time” accompanied by a cheekyAnd That’s Showbiz before the lights turned on & all that was to be heard  was the crowd’s audible devastation at the sudden realisation an encore was not forthcoming.


Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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