In the Flesh! RÜFÜS @ Brisbane Riverstage


Review – Meredith McLean
Photos – Bobby Rein

What’d you get up on the weekend? Was it good? But was it really good? Like seeing RÜFÜS during their huge Bloom World Tour good? Because that’s how good it should’ve been. Now that we’ve established what’s good, let’s talk about what’s amazing. You should know the answer by now.

RÜFÜS had that afterglow of a band who knows they’re nearing the end of a gigantic tour. Judging by the show it seemed they knew it was all or nothing to make this a night to remember. But it wasn’t just them that kept us warm on an actually wintery night for Brisbane winter with their dance-worthy, delicious tunes. Tora and Bob Moses got the opportunity to warm up the crowd first.

Tora are primarily chillwave. This bunch of Byron Bayers have been putting feel good vibes out there since 2013. Next on the bill was Bob Moses. This duo is a little further across the ditch, visiting from Vancouver.

After the supports played their final note the crowd shifted into a more serious gear. Smoke billowed from the stage to merge with the dark clouds and the queues for the cash bar surged. In all the chaos of 8000 human bodies running about and getting pumped to dance on a hillside RÜFÜS came out bright lights and all grins.

Now this being the national BLOOM tour, naturally there was a focus on the latest album. But RÜFÜS know how to talk to their fans. And we don’t mean they thanked the crowd and told them how attractive they all were (though they did do that as well). We mean they knew which songs would please the crowd. Old favourites like Sundream naturally got the spotlight.

The flow between songs was so well done the hour and a half performance flew by in one seamless wave of synths, drums and Tyrone’s dreamy vocals. The fact that they do their live shows with actual instruments and not just a DJ set makes it a visual experience to remember as well as an audio one.

What It Looked Like

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