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Review – Richelle Allan

British singer and songwriter Sampha has finally experienced the wonders of Brisbane. With his first ever visit to our beautiful city, promoting debut album release, Process. The album is a concoction of neo-soul and alternative R&B tracks, full of soul warming piano chords and sexy hymns. Sampha is mostly recognised for his collaboration work with famous artists Drake, Kanye West and Solange, just to name a few and to see him creating music with only his name on it is a refreshing and exciting occurrence.

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As the clock ticks closer to 9.30 fans swarm in off the cold streets to tightly jam themselves within the overcrowded Max Watts music hall. The only negative opinion of the night is how crowded the venue is. It’s almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the main stage. However, having the pleasure of listening to such a talented artist, makes up for it.

The lights shut off and Sampha glides out onto the stage; finally, its show time! Cruising into the night with seductive hit Plastic 100°C, he proves to the crowd just how rich, smooth and insanely beautiful his voice really is. He follows this with tracks, Timmy’s Prayer and Under. At this point of the night, the punters are still settling into their spots and grabbing last minute bevvys. Once he starts tapping away the dreamy melody of single Too Much on his beloved piano, the crowd is drawn into a beautiful frenzy for the rest of the set. Crowd favourite is clearly Blood On Me. Fans are bathed in a sea of blood red lights, as our ears are filled with the consistent build up of this intensely satisfying track. Sampha could sing this song on repeat and no one would ever grow tired of it. Through his soft movements and soulful voice, it’s clear how passionate he is about the stories and experiences these tracks portray and represent. He is humble and overly sweet as he thanks us all for joining him tonight. He’s the man to thank, for allowing us to experience his incredible vocal and instrumental talents.

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The Highlight

The highlight of the night would have to be No One Knows. It will be difficult for him to ever top a song like this. This sentimental track has the audience feeling all the feels, as the magical melodies of his piano and his dreamy voice danced around the room.

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