In the Flesh! Sticky Fingers @ The Tivoli


Review – Georgia Corpe
Pics – Bobby Rein

The epitome of a hot, sweaty night with one of Australia’s most beloved indie rock bands is Sticky Fingers. I mean, they do have a song called Australia Street. Off the back of their third studio LP, the five-piece hit one of Brisbane’s best stages, kicking off Queensland’s scorching summer season of live music. 


Busting out from the depths of the stage, front-man Dylan Frost grabs the mic for the bands opener Land of Pleasure. Clearly fuelled from the excitement of the crowd, Frost gallivants across the stage, reaching out to the crowd as he belts out the passionate number. Cutting through the ferocity of the young crowd’s drunken banter, lead guitarist Seamus Coyle plays that signature riff for Outcast at Last, a surprise banger so early on in the set, before the band head into the sexy-sounding Gold Snafu. The remainder of the set was an eclectic balance of Sticky Fingers’ back-catalogue, showcasing just how far the five-piece have come, from a reggae fusion band to the now internationally loved and accessible indie rock band. This isn’t just exemplified with the bands songs, but also from the way the Sydney-siders carry themselves. Sporting all black with his long black curly hair, Frost emulates everything you’d expect from a front-man, whilst Coyle’s incredible cool as he plays some absolute face-melters makes him as impressive as Slash (or so you’d expect). All up, the show was without doubt exactly what punters expected but adored.



Convoluted with absolute 100% personal opinion, the band’s undeniably best song they have ever written, Just For You, came up in the middle of Sticky Fingers’ set. Although in a bit juxtaposition with the rest of Sticky Fingers tracks, the song is one you’d expect to go off in a stadium, let alone The Tivoli. The song was a stand-out and an unquestionable highlight for punters.



Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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