In the Flesh! The Dead Love @ The Bald Faced Stag, SYD


Photos & Review – Annette Geneva

Friday night in Sydney, everyone is keen to go out. With The lock out laws in the CBD you can clearly notice the amount of gig-goers reduced quite a bit, but The Dead Love‘s album launch at The Bald Faced Stag wasn’t at all like that.


I made it just in time for Rick Dangerous and The Silkie Bantams. At first, honestly, I judged them by the looks and figured it would be a Faith No More inspired band! Oh boy, was I surprised! These guys are comical! They are funny, they act on stage, with a super charismatic tea drinking frontman and rocking tunes, it is difficult not to love them!

Rick Dangerous


By the time The Dead Love got ready to hit the stage, the venue really packed out including a handful of local alternative/rock artists. Within the crowd I can spot a members from: The Art, The Lockhearts and With Confidence to name a few. Everyone is keen, you could feel the energy and the anticipation.

Whether planned or not, just before going on stage, fans were pumped with The Rembrandts’ I’ll Be There For You, or better known as the Friends theme song. People go absolutely mental when hit with nostalgic tunes like that classic! I thought that was it, but The Dead Love walked on stage to The Imperial March from Star Wars! These guys clearly love their TV.

The Dead Love

The boys open their set up with Frown which is also the first track from their new album. Solid vocals from singer/guitarist Stevie Knight easily puts the band in line with Violent Soho and The Smith Street Band, though way cleaner and more sophisticated sounding. Bass player Clint Ossington was pacing around and twirling barefoot like mad during the album’s title track So Whatever. Followed by Knights introduction of the next song – “Do you guys like drugs? This is a song about drugs, love drugs” with on point drum beat of Love Drugs the album’s first single, provided by drummer Miles Cocharne.


When the band finally got to their biggest hit Wastelands absolutely everybody in the crowd started head banging. If the security at this venue wasn’t so brutal, I would expect some sort of crowd surfing or at least a mosh pit! People love that song, I love that song, it could be a modern day grunge anthem! So much movement, hair flicks, pacing around is happening on stage, it’s feels like I’ve been time warped to what I imagine an early 90’s Silverchair gig may resemble.

The Dead Love

The band came back for an encore with Yeah Nah and stayed back after the show to chat to their fans at the merch desk, which is always a great way to connect with the bands you like. Overall, if you weren’t there, you are most likely to regret it and be sure to get tix for their next tour.


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