In the Flesh! The Rubens @ The Tivoli


Pics – Zach Hogg
Review – Richelle Allan

The 5 triple j winning, alt rock boys of ARIA nominated group The Rubens are here to tear up The Tivoli tonight, with their Million Man tour. There may not be a million people in the crowd tonight but there sure are a hell of a lot of rowdy, excited fans awaiting a night full of lung screaming tracks and plenty of ice cold bevys.


Joyride has the privilege of smoking up the stage and working the crowd into their peak mental and physical state, ready for the main squeeze. His hit song of 2017, Aunty Tracey’s Cookies, was by far the crowd pleaser of the set. The crowd had the floor shaking as they jump up and down to this sugary sweet tune.


Picture this if you will… The room falls deaf in eager anticipation of seeing the small town boys of the big sound band The Rubens. Silhouettes can be seen taking their positions onstage. A single spotlight glows behind lead singer Sam Margin creating an almost halo like effect. The band lead in with soft instrumentals and a soothing voice that tingles through your chest, before slamming in with Cut Me Loose, from their second release album Hoops. It’s at this moment the crowd is reassured that we are in for one spicy treat of a night.

A mix of unexpected occurrences unfold throughout the night, from Sam calling out a reckless hoon trying to climb the roof, desperate to score a better view – a little terrifying for viewers beneath. Joyride joining the band as they winded their way through the crowds to chat amongst fans and settle a bet on who the better artist was. But the best and most intimate moment was when Sam shared a touching solo on his piano of Never Be The Same, from their debut 2012 self titled album.

The rest of the night includes a mix of old favourites: The Night Is On My Side, Elvis, their cover of Chance the Rapper’s Same Drugs and the song that shot them into mainstream stardom, My Gun. Being the reason for the tour, of course their new single Million Man had to be performed, plus a couple other cheeky bangers from their yet to be released secret album. It was the triple J hottest 100 winner, Hoops, fans were busting to hear that brought this extravaganza of an evening to an end.


The pure satisfaction and enjoyment of the crowd during the performance of hit song Hoops was a hell of an experience.

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