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Review – Richelle Allan
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After a slew of festival appearances for their last few Australian visits, British indie-rock trio, The Wombats, are back in sunny Brisvegas for a headline show to celebrate ten years since the release of their debut album, A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation. After releasing Glitterbug back in 2015, fans have been impatiently waiting to witness Your Body is a Weapon, Greek Tragedy, Emoticons, in the flesh! Finally, we got what we had so desperately been waiting for.

If you weren’t at Brisbane Riverstage on Monday night, then where the hell were you? With incredible supports Jack River, The Jungle Giants, Milky Chance and of course kings of the night The Wombats, it was a perfect way to end the Labour Day holiday and celebrate the start of a new month. Or to just kick back under the stars, have a drink or five and dance until you couldn’t dance no more.


German electro-folksters Milky Chance were under pressure as the last support to perform. With most of the crowd already at the venue, they had to make sure everyone was pumped and eager for the rest of the night. Man, what a sexy show they put on for us. It was impossible to stop your foot tapping as they played favourites Flashed Junk mind, Cocoon and of course their chart topping track Stolen Dance.

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Right on schedule the music faded and everything went to black. The crowd rose to their feet, screaming and pushing closer to the stage. A regal, big band rendition of Tales of Girls, Boys & Marsupials welcomed The Wombats to the stage.  The three handsome boys of The Wombats ran out clapping and waving their arms, excited to see such a massive, enthusiastic crowd awaiting them. Opening with Kill the Director and Moving to New York, from their debut album, A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation. We were transported back ten years, when most of us were going through awkward phases of puberty and teen hood.

Energy levels inclined with each song performed, from 1996 through to Tokyo. The rainbow of flashing lights lit the stage as smoke glided over the audience, turning the whole amphitheatre into a banging disco. But we were silenced for a brief moment by the whimsical, romantic synth of Little Miss Pipedream. Matt Murphy’s dreamy British vocals gave us all a one way ticket to Swoon City.

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Greek tragedy and Lets Dance to Joy Division were the curtain closers of this killer night. The upbeat indie-rock songs had fans screaming at the top of their lungs to the catchy, sing along hits and wishing the night would never end. The performance was definitely one that every fan will forever hold close to their hearts. A ten out of ten night, for sure!


The whole night was a highlight! Every single song performed was one that you could passionately sing your lungs out and boogie down to. A special mention also goes to super energetic bassist, Tord Øverland Knudsen who got his fair share of cardio. 


Lead singer Matthew Murphy loved getting a bit cheeky and flirtatious with the crowd asking us to do our best “slut drops” and naming us the prettiest crowd he had ever seen.

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