Little bastard live review Newtown Social Club

Little Bastard @ Newtown Social Club- July 20th, 2014


Little Bastard are a band that don’t fuck around. After a mostly sold out national tour starting in early June and continuing non-stop for about a month, most bands would be quite content to sit back and relax back into the comfort of not being crammed in a tour bus every second evening. Not Little Bastard. After the rousing success of their first show at Sydney’s Newtown Social Club, Little Bastard decided to tack on a SECOND headline show at the same venue right at the end of the monster 13 date tour to close things out with an almighty bang.


7 people don’t fit too well on the small Newtown Social Club stage, especially when a great deal of foot stompin’ and jiggle jivin’ is expected. But the logistics of the event don’t seem to phase Sydney locals Little Bastard as they swagger on stage, longnecks in hand.

Having just dropped their debut self titled album, Little Bastard have been smashing out their newest hits around the country, and got things rolling early on with some frantically paced numbers from aforementioned debut album. Swapping instruments and lead vocal responsibilities throughout the set, it was hard to keep up, but the rapidly growing Newtown Social crowd were digging their heels in and having a great time.

A few new songs were announced by part time front man Johnny Took half way through the set, which went down a treat with an extremely varied crowd of fans. More to come from this tireless bunch of individuals, it would seem…


The Took brothers are obviously a talented pairing, however when lesser known brother Matty Took stepped up to the mic for a series of slower, ballad-y numbers, his song writing talents and ‘Gallagher-esque’ vocal skills really stood out.


As mentioned before, Little Bastard have a huge range of fans from all demographics, however after a full hour-and-a-bit of toe tapping bluegrass specials, the endless twang/stomp combo can get a little tiring and the entertainment factor slowly wears off for the more sober/un-invested members of the crowd.


“This is the last show of a full month pretty much playing every single night, what a top way to finish it all off in front of our home crowd”




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