Glass Animals live review- the Hi Fi Sydney

Live review: Glass Animals @ The Hi Fi Sydney Friday 9th January


Photos by Alistair Rathbone

Glass Animals have had a huge 2015. They’ve gone from indie curiosities to your Mum’s favourite band. Your sisters favourite band. Even your Grandad is going on about the ‘Glass fellers’. Hits such as Gooey, Pools and their cover of Kanye’s Love Lockdown have put them at the top of every list, band-to-watch and 2014 highlight reel across the world. A second visit to Australia in 12 months brought a bigger hype, a bigger crowd and even more white boy dance moves than before.


With a stage littered with palm trees, tropical lighting and MPC’s, Glass Animals burst on stage with arms wide, and wasted no time getting stuck right into Black Mambo, a perfect way to get everyone feeling just a little bit durrty. A few tracks in and everyone in the crowd was letting their freak-flag fly to the smooth r & b laced indie pop of the Oxford quartet.

Frontman Dave Bayley is a self confessed hip hop tragic, and his dance moves on stage were reminiscent of a young JT or Usher on that’s not right..more reminiscent of a young Jerry Seinfeld at a Grandmaster Flash concert. Still, you couldn’t fault his commitment/excitement.

Glass Animals  are a band all about that bass, and debut album Zaba is full of the stuff. Hips were shaken, heads were bobbed and Bayley’s breathy vocals weaved their way into everyone’s subconscious by the end of the night. Come the final curtain, there was no doubting the credentials of one of the year’s hottest new bands.


Dave Bayley’s aforementioned enthusiasm was evident in his ever gyrating hips. At the start of the VERY sexy Hazey,  Bayley mounted the drum kit and put his snakey hips on show for everyone. Needless to say, there wasn’t a dry pair of pants in the house.


Glass Animals’ biggest hit of the year, Gooey, was surprisingly a bit flat, with the normally emphatic chorus falling a little bit flat. Maybe it was Bayley’s attempts to incite an Eminem style bounce along which may have been over compensating a little bit.


“There’s a lot more of you here this time around”

This statement proves a) Bayley has incredible maths and b) Glass Animals popularity has tripled in the space of 6 months.



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