graveyard live review at brisbane's Crow Bar

Live Review: Graveyard @ The Crowbar


Swedish rockers Graveyard  returned to Australia to perform a string of headline shows around the nation off the back of the Golden Plains festival tour. The boys caused a riot in the Brisbane’s underground (literally) venue Crowbar, situated in the heart of the Fortitude Valley. We  had the pleasure of being a part of the ruckus.

The support for the evening was local heavy metal band Zodiac, who pumped up the crowd with an array of riff-heavy songs. With the eyes of a room full of Graveyard fans upon them, Zodiac undoubtedly impressed many of the punters playing an energetic set full of progressive heavy metal songs, leaving even those in back head-banging along.

Playing to a sold out crowd, Graveyard did not disappoint fans playing a mixture of the bands 2012 release Lights Out and earlier release Hisingin Blues. Graveyard’s 70’s inspired heavy metal created a powerful atmosphere in the intimate venue, no doubt a treat for fans that were ready to get gritty and sweaty to the many hits the band performed. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse at the sold out gig:




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