Lost Picnic @ Centennial Park March 23rd 2014


Photos by Harry Ward

We headed down to Centennial Park, Sydney on Sunday afternoon to check out the festival that’s fusing food and tunes in a big way. Lost Picnic was undoubtedly a success. A gorgeous day in the sunshine where picnics were packed, fancy wines did flow and gracious music flooded the park.

Sons of the East kicked things off with their barn dance antics. A pleasant sound, reminiscent of folk-pop giants Mumford and Sons, but with a twist. “What was the twist”, you ask? A bloody massive flamin’ didgeridoo. On ya lads.

Our next performer for the picnic was Dustin Tebbutt, a young Bon Iver fan receiving much praise in Australia at the moment. It was a very moody set from Tebbutt, with some lovely electronic sounds woven into the atmospheric folk fabric of his song writing. It is early days for this outfit’s live performance, but the mood set by DT was definitely ideal for bread and wine.

Emma Louise undeniably raised the bar with her fantastically executed set. Accompanied by four fellow musicians, the young Brisbane lass provided the festival with vocal euphoria and a calming electro-pop experience. Even the big ol’ synth tones were nice and relaxing, which has gotta be a sign of solid song writing. A round of applause for Emma Louise is in order.

All of a sudden, Lost Picnic’s calm and collected vibe was torn asunder by self acclaimed rock gods The Rubens. A front row of underage teenagers suddenly formed as the strapping young five-piece took to the stage. Playing some new material as well as the radio hits (and a brief AC/DC cover, as is tradition), The Rubens beefed the festival up tenfold with a bit of “I’m famous and you’re not”, in your face rock and roll. A humble “thank you” to triple j was expressed mid-set, which is always nice to hear. Never forget your manners, even at festivals.

 Finally, Megan Washington and a band of sad clowns emerged from a stage of silver balloons. A lovely finale to the day, Washington was greeted by an excitable crowd that was ready to sing along to every word. A light hearted performer, Megan was the first and last act on the bill to “have a bit of fun” on stage. As far as sad clowns go, she was a pretty happy one. It’s safe to say that Megan Washington was Queen of the Picnic, and rightfully so.

What it all Looked Like-


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