Motion City Soundtrack @ Max Watt’s BNE 29th August 2015


Words – Georgia Corpe
Photos – Bobby Rein

Tonight was a night to dust off the Doc Martens your mum bought for you when you were sixteen, leave the kids with the babysitters, forget about your real job and mortgages and revisit those feelings of teenage angst with Motion City Soundtrack on their Commit This Memory ten year anniversary tour. At least that was general vibe of tonight’s punters at Max Watt’s as they cheered on the pop punk veterans to one of the past decade’s most memorable albums of the genre. 

Motion City Soundtrack are currently touring around Australia as part of their anniversary tour, recently finishing off the US leg of the CTTM10 tour, and finishing off the entire CTTM10 tour with shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth in the coming week. Produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Motion City Soundtrack’s sophomore album explores singer Justin Pierre’s mishaps with alcohol and drug abuse, and acted as almost a cleansing process for the songwriter as he confesses his series of substance-fuelled mistakes. DSC_8022

True to their word, Motion City Soundtrack emerges behind the Max Watt’s stage curtains presenting CTTM from start to finish, with the crowd loving every bloody minute of it. It is an absolute rarity to go to a show where almost every attendee knows every single word to an entire album and where the roar of the crowds sing-alongs are almost as loud as the band themselves; tonight was no exception. It was easy to see how CTTM was the breakthrough album for Motion City Soundtrack, with tracks such as Everything Is Alright throwing the band into the limelight. 

After almost two decades together and releasing five albums, with their sixth release Panic Stations set to come out in September, the fellas still put on a show as energetic and thrashing as they would have ten years ago. Famous for their keyboardist’s Jesse Johnson’s moog-handstands, the band was renowned for their intense live presence. Although Jesse may be a little old to perform his classic moves, Motion City Soundtrack performed to their absolute pinnacle, encouraging fans to get moving and aiding the production of sweaty humans everywhere. 

After the full length performance of CTTM, Motion City Soundtrack finishes off the night with other crowd favourites including The Future Freaks Me Out and new release TKO, giving fans a more than sustainable dose of Motion City Soundtrack than initially thought. Justin Pierre concludes with a plea to his fans to continue their support for Motion City Soundtrack, ensuring their return to AUS in the near future. Hopefully, it’s not too long before they can bring their energetic pop punk sounds back to our shores. 


Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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