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In the height of the heat of lunch time at Brisbane’s Laneway Festival, punters
find themselves being hotter than past years, with coordinators placing the
Spinning Top stage on Petrie Terrace, right on that bitumen. But never mind,
Alex Cameron is here to cool us off. With his saxophonist and business
partner, Roy Molloy, Cameron soothes our souls, taking us through a
selection of sexy hits from his sophomore album Forced Witness. Highlights
include (obviously) Stranger’s Kiss, Studmuffin96 and Runnin’ Outta Luck. Not
to mention Cameron’s Elvis-style, hip-jerking moves seemingly inspires a
whole generation of young blokes, with a sea of them swinging them hips like
it’s 1956. Keep practicing, guys!


Next up on that bitumen hell-hole of a stage is Philly’s (Sandy) Alex G, a
special treat for punters on the Laneway lineup this year. Likened to that of
pure indie-folk genius, Elliot Smith, Alex G brought his low-fi, stunning tracks
down to the Spinning Top stage, making us sweat tears of a different kind.
Although the multi-instrumentalist limits himself to a backline of only drums,
lead, rhythm and bass guitars, he is still able to pump beauties such as Bobby
and Proud. What a treat!


If you don’t love City Calm Down, well quite frankly there’s something wrong
with you (no, not really, we just really love them). The Sydney fella’s have
progressed their music careers in huge strides, having mass success with
their debut record In A Restless House, and now with mammoth singles like
Blood and In This Modern Land. To say that we are excited to see one of our
fav Sydney performers on the Laneway circuit is an understatement.
Taking a break from the heat, CCD perform at the Good Better Best Stage,
under a huge tent and away from scorching bitumen. Pumping the energy into
the crowd with the likes of Blood, Rabbit Run and Your Fix, CCD becomes
just what the crowd needs to perk themselves back up during that afternoon
slump where your beer buzz is quickly deteriorating. Cheers City Calm Down!


We move over to the Never Let It Rest stage to see UK rockers Wolf Alice,
another delectable treat for Laneway punters this year. Immediately, the
crowd becomes mesmerized by the absolute power of the four-piece, blowing
us away with tracks such as You’re a Germ, Moaning Lisa Smile and Lisbon.

Lead-singer and guitarist Ellie Roswell’s, voice, although often soft and
gentle-sounding on their records, fills up the tent with swooning tracks like
Don’t Delete The Kisses and Beautifully Unconventional. Wolf Alice see us
out with two of their most undoubtedly heaviest tracks, Fluffy and Giant
Peach, just to make us miss them that little bit more in the end of their set.
And with Roswell’s rocking screams, guitarist Jeff Oddie’s guitar swings and
bassist, Theo Ellis’ facial expressions, Wolf Alice quickly become the most
entertaining band of the day so far.


As the sun starts to set, punters swarm to the Good Better Best stage to catch
one of Laneway’s biggest acts of it’s 2018 lineup, The Internet. The Odd
Future collective’s sexy tracks are just what we need as the cool comes and
that orange sunset starts to settle in. Promoting their stand-alone talents, Syd,
Steve Lacey, Matt Martians, and others perform their respective roles
independently yet together, piecing together their talents in harmonious unity
with tracks such as Girls, Under Control and Get Away, The Internet send us
into utopia, leaving us in absolute awe of their incredible coolness. A hard act
to follow, but we can think of one guy that might be able to back it up.


With a refreshing bout of rain replenishing our sweaty pits, it wasn’t the light
showers that were about to moisten our knickers. That’s right, swoon king and
absolute baws Josh Tillman A.K.A Father John Misty graces the Never Let It
Rest stage at the perfect time, opening up his set and our hearts with I Love
You Honeybear. As couples, friends and strangers embrace each other, it
was easy to see the infectiousness Tillman’s music inspiring love could make
us all feel. Plucking through the absolute bangers from his three records,
including the likes of Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Nancy From Now On,
Chateau Lobby #4 and Strange Encounter, Tillman’s set stood out with his
incredibly poignant lightshow, complementing those angelic sounds he
creates. A favourite would have to be Tillman’s performance of True Affection,
a song often criticized for being displaced amongst his indie-folk tracks, is
bolstered with an array of pink lights strobing across Tillman’s tall, dark
stature. Tillman closes out the set with Ideal Husband, leaving us all wanting
to join the congregation.


An honorary Aussie, Mac Demarco returns off the back of his fourth record,
This Old Dog, with an ever-so-slightly more polished set and an ever-
increasingly bigger crowd. Almost filling out the entire tent across both stages,
it seemed as though the entire festival came out to catch Demarco’s antics.
With The Internet lined up as this leg of the tour’s “judging panel” for
Demarco’s set, the stage was full of mates accumulated over the course of
the festival’s tour, just there to listen to and play some tunes. How lovely!

Demarco’s set certainly checks off all of the Mac DeMarco live show antics
list, including no shortage of hand-stands, cute comments RE how happy he
is to be here and mid-song cigarettes, not to mention the array of bangers he
churns out. Boy is he silly!


After Tilman’s and Demarco’s soothing tracks, it was time to boogie, and the
rumours that Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals live show was the best on
the docket really have us excited. Busting out of the back of his funky
backline, .Paak’s moving, shaking and grinding is infectious, causing a
massive case of the dancies. Even if you are not up to speed with Paak’s
back catalogue, you may well still find yourself jiving. And just when you
couldn’t think Paak could get any cooler/sexier, he pops up on the drums and
blows us all away with his rhythmic talents. Putting all of his energy and
strength into drumming and singing along, it’s crazy to think that Paak used to
be able to drum and sing his entire set.


It’s 11:00PM. Your feet are sore and if you’re not flush with cash, your
drinking money/smuggled-in-vodka ran out a little while ago and your
hangover is starting to kick in. It’s time for something equally uplifting yet still
something that will soothe that tired little head of yours. Finishing out the day’s
lineup is none other than absolute wailers, The War On Drugs. After having
only just released their fourth record A Deeper Understanding, it is easy to
conclude that the Philadelphian 6-piece were to be in fine form this evening,
and really, really loud. And they don’t disappoint! Cruising through crowd
favourites like Up All Night, Red Eyes and closing out with Under The
Pressure, the fellas treat the crowd to minute upon minute of guitar solos. It’s
probably a good thing nobody else is playing at this time, because they would
be just as pissed as Sun Kil Moon was when he wrote the song, War On
Drugs: Suck My Cock. But what else would you want from a The War On
Drugs live show?

The War on Drugs Pic – Claudia Ciapocha

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Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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