The Drums live at Brisbane's Hi Fi- Bear Family

The Drums @ The Hi Fi, Brisbane 29th November 2014


Review by Georgia Corpe

Photos by Bobby Rein

The Drums returned to Australia off the back of their 2014 album Encyclopedia bringing with them a new lineup and old classics.


Opening act Tempura Nights initiated the night’s theme of indie-pop and new-wave deliciousness. Although fairly new to the scene, Brisbane locals pulled in fans and friends, showing off their recent release, Whine EP. Comprised of members from the likes of Go Violets, Major Leagues and The Good Sports, the band played a brooding and progressive set, leaving local fans proud.

The second support for the evening was Rolls Bayce. Also comprised of local band veterans, namely Dean McGrath of Hungry Kids of Hungary and James Wright formally of Millions together with bassist Neal Apel, the band produced a seemingly tight set presenting intricate guitar riffs, soulful drums solos and beautiful harmonies. A cool and refreshing break into what was about to be a huge, indie pop slap in the face from The Drums. 


After an anxious wait from the sea of shirt tucked, denim jacketed Drums fans the Brooklyn outfit handed over the goods with a well-received set. Opening up with Bell Laboratories moving into Let Me from their recent release Encyclopedia, the guys started off the night with hard-hitting synth-pop leaving the crowd wanting more. The Drums played a further 5 songs from their most recent album, but the crowd favourites were clearly found with the classics. With songs such as Best Friend, Let’s Go Surfing and Money, not a soul could contain their inner dancing queen.

Once a quartet and now a duo, the band’s loss of original members in no way hindered their live performance. Jonny Peirce was an impeccable front man, infecting the crowd with his contagious dance moves, swinging his microphone cord from left to right, strutting across the stage and seducing crowd members with his relatable and emotional lyrics. Pulling off an insanely cool red jacket, Jonny was breaking hearts left right and centre. Jacob Graham, the other remaining original band member did what he did best; playing the synth and swinging a tambourine flawlessly in time at some ridiculously fast tempos.

Another element of the bands live show that must be commended was their use of extra stage lights. If Jonny’s front man antics weren’t enough to get you moving, the flashing and pounding lights certainly would.


A major highlight of the evening’s performance was the bands initial encore performing Forever and Ever Amen from their debut self-titled album released in 2010. I may be biased, as this is by far my favourite song of theirs, but the bands new lineup executed the romantic tune seamlessly. An inspiring moment spent in a crowd of young, ecstatic fans.


Not many words were unsung, but I suppose a set full of catchy lyrics needs little commentary.


Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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