The Holidays at the metro theatre

The Holidays w/ Thief @ The Metro Theatre June 13th, 2014



By Alistair Rathbone, Fri 13/06/14

Sydney locals The Holidays continue their invasion of Aussie ear holes kicking off their short headline tour for their new single ‘Tongue Talk’.


Sydney 3 piece Thief kicked off the night with  JT-esque electro-soul which had a considerable number of hips swangin’ early on. Thief is the project of PJ Wolf, which in itself is a pretty badass stage name. Wolf hit us with a few covers throughout the set, including Outkast’s ‘Ms Jackson‘ and of course, Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Cry Me a River‘,  which went down a storm with the mostly under age crowd. A little bit uninspiring as a front man, Wolf really needs to work on getting his crowds as funked up as his tunes are, but promising signs lie ahead.


Sydney’s The Holidays seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth after their debut album ‘Post Paradise’ in 2010. After a soul search/ recording trip to Europe, The Holidays came back to Oz with a bang late last year with their newest release ‘Real Feel‘. After an album launch tour in March, The Holidays returned to Sydney’s Metro Theatre to celebrate their new single ‘Tongue Talk’.

The boys from Sydney whipped through a set which perfectly blended the tropical-pop (trop-pop) sounds of ‘Post Paradise’ with the darker, synth-filled tracks from ‘Real Feel‘, all set to a never ending barrage of congas and jungle rhythms. Frontman Simon Jones had the front row swooning with his charismatic front man moves and Calvin Klein-Mark Wahlberg looks. I swear at times I felt I was watching Marky Mark himself re-invent his music career as the frontman for a jungle-pop band.

THE HIGHLIGHT Midnight Hours from the group’s first album is a banger on record, and is a banger on stage. Crowd members who were still limbering up after the first few tracks really lifted their feet as Jones swung into that catchy-as-hell chorus.

THE BAD BIT- Unfortunately The Holidays have always struck me as a band that fail to stick out in terms of originality and unique style. Both albums released by the Sydney siders have just fallen short of reaching the potential they offered in their early days. Maybe its a few too many congas or a reliance on the ‘Triple J formula’ , but as on record, there is something about The Holidays live which leaves me uninspired. It seemed from the reactions of a few of the punters around me that they felt the same way.

THE BANTER – “Wup wup wup wooop blup bup” – Thief’s synth tones were repetitive but damn was they funky.


Photos by Alistair Rathbone


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