The Paper Kites @ Woolly Mammoth 31st October 2015


Words – Georgia Corpe
Photos – Zach Hogg

The Paper Kites have slowly but surely been building their artistry since the release of their first folk single Bloom in 2010, ironically ‘blooming’ into the beautiful spacious melodies presented under twelvefour. The group have been travelling around the country to show off their new chops, and tonight we got to witness the wonders of twelvefour at the Woolly Mammoth.

TPK opens up with the pounding drums of Electric Indigo, easing the crowd in with that infectious five note riff. Before too long, frontman Sam Bentley swapped his electric for an an acoustic guitar, charming the crowd with Renegade, another cracker from twelvefour.

Written by Bently in the wee hours of the morning twelvefour is a concept album based around an artist’s creative peaks after midnight; a concept flawlessly shining through in TPK’s live show. A back drop of vertical pulsating neon lights together with the band’s folk infused spacious indie rock perfectly encapsulates the album’s ‘sleepy’ vibes. TPK then brings out a crowd favourite with A Maker of My Time, and before too long swooning old time fans with Bloom, leaving the crowd whistling in glee.

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Bently and guitarist/keyboardist Christina Lacy stand alone on the stage as the set folds into acoustic songs Neon Crimson and older tune Paint. Unfortunately, the beautiful melodies and stories behind these songs were undermined by the venue. As a mega venue, the Woolly Mammoth also houses a dance floor and several other bars, but noises from these other stages overpowers the sound of the Mane Stage. Even though this was explicitly frustrating for the the punters, it didn’t seem to faze TPK’s stage aura.

In a sigh of relief, the five-piece brought back the full band tracks, with Lacy even giving lead vocals a go with Cold Kind Hand, a track released under their first album States. The set then rounds out with more bangers from twelvefour proving to Brisbane why TPK’s are one of Australia’s most underestimated musical gems.

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