The Vines @ The Vic

The Vines @ The Vic Carpark, Enmore 5.10.2014


The Vines returned to the live scene with a bang, holding a FREE show on Grand Final day to a packed out carpark in Enmore.


A ‘secret guest’ announced the day before, the lads from DMA’s were without doubt a big drawcard for the punters who packed into The Vic on a cloudless, hot day. The ‘Aussie-Oasis’ don’t pull any major surprises when they perform live, but man, do they do it well. Hits like Feels like 37 and Delete go down a storm, complete with fist bumps and Aussie pride. Love them or hate them, the next big things from Sydney certainly know how to worm themselves into your subconscious for a very long time after they step off stage. I’m still humming that bloody song.


The Vines just keep on coming back. After 2002’s spectacular Letterman fiasco, and various run ins with journalists, many had written off Craig Nicholls and The Vines as just another bratty flash-in-the-pan band whose time on the scene would be violently short lived. Fast forward a decade, and Craig Nicholls has managed to overcome all the odds and establish himself as one of Australia’s most consistently strong songwriters and performers.  After a short break following the release of 2011’s Future Primitive, and with a new band in tow- Nicholls returned for the bands’ first show in 2 years to an eager bunch of punters at Sydney’ The Vic in the heart of the Inner West.

Whilst the setlist was made up largely of  tracks from new album Wicked Nature, and Craig’s own performance was a little sloppy, The Vines never fail to put on a solid show, and they soon had the packed out carpark bouncing around to fan favourites such as Get Free and Outtatheway! Craig’s new apprentices Lachlan West and Tim John  performed strongly, and both seemed thrilled to be a part of one of Craig’s traditional set closing smash em’ ups. With a tour inevitable in the coming months, it will be interesting to see how the band evolves as group, particularly as West and John’s other band The Griswolds continue to gain momentum internationally.

The Vines are back once again and it seems his audience’s show no signs of losing interest anytime soon.


In a set that was a little bit dusty from start to finish, Nicholls brought the fury from all those years ago when he launched into Outtatheway!, not only firing up the crowd but also setting the tone for what was a barnstorming finish to the set.


“What did I miss? Did someone score a try?”

Craig Nicholls kept it topical on Grand Final Day.



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