Velociraptor @ The Triffid 18th December 2015

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Brisbane live music vets Velociraptor are bidding 2015 farewell, hosting a long lineup of fellow local bands at The Triffid tonight. The night is warm and the place is packed with a bunch of drunk people, presumably finishing off their boozy christmas parties; perfect conditions for a night of fun.


Although tonight’s lineup is bursting with quality acts, including sets from the entertaining Good Boy, White Lodge and Deafcult, honourable mention must be given Sydney music legend SPOD. It didn’t take long in his set for SPOD to relieve himself of wearing pants, and proceeded to entertain/shock people with his brand of alt electronic tracks. Although tonight SPOD consists of just one man, one Korg synthesiser and a whole lot of backing tracks, he manages to keep all eyes on the stage with comedic lyrics and catchy synth hooks. Accompanied by the illustrious Jeremy Neale on Couple of Drinks, the songs high relevance and fetching lyrical content definitely becomes a highlight of the nights.
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Busting out for 2015’s last Velociraptor set, the gang open up tonight’s proceedings with Robocop, playing in success of getting all them hips out there a’shakin’. The set becomes simply a list of all-round bangers, each one capable of singing along to (knowledge of lyrics optional) and having a casual boog. Said bangers include: Sneakers, Sleep With The Fishes, Cynthia and In The Springtime. In fact, some may forget just how many infectious and catchy tunes Velociraptor have in their back catalogue until they attend a live show.
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Let’s face it, coordinating 12 talented musicians to write music would be a feat on it’s own, let alone coordinating the same people to play a live show not only cohesively, but flawlessly. Together with frontman Neale’s impeccable singing and screaming and the Raptor’s enthusiasm makes for a pretty unforgettable and enthralling live show. Seeing their live show makes you feel like you are privy to one of Australia’s best kept live music secrets.

Ending the set with SPOD on stage, collaborating on Ramona and closing out the night with the entirety of The Triffid stage room chanting ‘fucking deadshits, fucking deadshits’ (encouraged by SPOD, obviously), it’s safe to say that a night with the raptor’s was seeing out 2015 in the best possible way.

Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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