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Everyone here at Bear Family loves a bit of travel. But there is nothing worse than arriving in a new city, full of hopes and dreams only to have them CRUSHED by the banality of tripadvisor reviews, lonely planet guides and bloody Rick Steves. Where do the REAL people go? Where do they party? Where do they go when they are hungover? How do you keep a conversation going with a local at 3am without being completely out of your depth?

Well we though who better to answer these questions and MORE than the bands and musicians from the bellies of these cities they did come. We ask your favourite bands to put together a rough guide to each of the best cities in the world, for you to use as your very own pocket travel bible. Simply click on the bands below to view their hot spicy tips.

We’ll be adding more and more bands and cities in the coming months so stay tuned!


theluluraesTHE LULU RAES





Montaigne lowresMONTAIGNE

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