Donnarumma’s Guide to… Adelaide


Where to Eat?

O’Connell Bakery is our usual hangout for food. It’s open 24/7 and is just a good time. I’m lactose intolerant but I make an exception when it comes to their thickshakes.

Where to Drink?

The Exeter on Rundle Street is our go-to pub, it’s got great house wine and all of the regulars are really nice.

Where to Airbnb?

Adelaide is pretty small but I’d probably want to be on the outskirts of the CBD areas like Mile End and Thebarton are quite nice and have lots of cute cafes and nice pubs tucked away in the side streets.

Where to Party?

Supermild on Hindley Street is the best place for a boogie. They relocated recently which is kinda sad because the old Supermild had the same furnishings from the 70s, but this new one still has great vibes.

Where to eat at 2am?

The O’Connell Bakery is a bit out of the city so usually at 2am after too many beers at Supermild we go to San Giorgios on Rundle Street. What’s even better than their pizzas is the fact that it’s walking distance from the Exeter and Crown and Anchor.

Where to find your new favourite band?

The Grace Emily Hotel is hands down our favourite venue to play at and also to just go and hang at. I have discovered so many bands there especially on a Monday night when it’s open mic. It’s always busy on a Monday and what a better way to kick off the week with a BBQ, beer and one of Adelaide’s most cookin’ house bands.

Where to escape the tourists?

I like to just escape everyone sometimes at Morialta Conservation Park. There are a bunch of trails, a beautiful waterfall and gorgeous native flora and fauna.

Where to spend your hungover days?

Mr. Sunshines is our go-to hangover hang. We hoover down smashed avocado, banana smoothies and coffees until we are feeling better – or nauseous, from the amount of food we’ve eaten.

What to complain about with other locals?

The seemingly endless amount of roadworks in Adelaide and the fact that the council puts them on at the most inconvenient times!

Where to find true love?

Anywhere – everyone in Adelaide so friendly and attractive! Just don’t go looking for true love down Handson Road, you’ll find love but it won’t be true and it won’t be cheap..

Where to avoid?

The northern suburbs are pretty rough the same goes for the outer west, once you get on the wrong side of the tracks at Two Wells you can find yourself in a real pickle…

Which Adelaide bands to listen to whilst here?

The Winter Gypsy are just beautiful. The six piece provide super catchy melodies, haunting vocals and captivating presence. It also helps that they’re a bunch of humble guys. They’re great at blending intimate folk moments, to then build and expand into huge walls of sound and epic solos.

Wanderers show off their complex musicianship and ability with their blues/soul inspired tunes. I’ve always been captivated by how amazing the lead singer Dusty-Lee can just shred and make it look easy. They also just finished a tour promoting their new EP ‘Something of a Distraction.’ I’m keen to see what’s in store for them next.

The ultimate Adelaide must have?

A taste for our local delicacies Coopers Pale Ale, West End Draught and Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

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