Eilish Gilligan’s Guide To… Melbourne


Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and producer EILISH GILLIGAN has released her dreamy
new single, CREATURE OF HABIT.

CREATURE OF HABIT lives on small town streets, hanging out the side of the car with one hand
on the wheel and one hand on your lover – kind of Lorde, kind of Lana Del Rey, and a little bit of
something you can’t really place. Produced by Max Dowling (TETRAHEDRA), this track puts a
magnifying glass to the second before a leap into the unknown.

We had a chat with Eilish to get the low down on what to do and where in her town – Melbs!

Where to Eat?

Mostly anywhere, we’re lucky – but for a primo home-cooked crumpet, you’ll want to go
to Red Door Corner Store in Northcote. Feels like eating a little cake.

Where to Drink?

I like The Evelyn because I know most of the bartenders and I’ve done a lot of growing and living there. I also like a pub in Fairfield that I have now inconveniently forgotten the
name of – but I used to play pool there with friends when I was at uni, and there’s a wall
dedicated to printed out pictures of people who have managed to defeat their chicken
parma challenge. It’s nice.

Where to Airbnb?

I’ve never had a need to Airbnb in my own city thankfully but I would recommend
somewhere like Fitzroy or Carlton – cute and close to the CBD.

Where to Party?

My friends live in a sharehouse in a street called Hillside and they call the house Thrillside. So, probably there. Also The Brunswick Hotel on a Thursday night but get there early,
there’s a line.

Where to eat at 2am?

Only one option – a Stan The Man souvlaki (I don’t eat meat so I gotta pick around) just down the road from The Evelyn. It’s got all the normal things in a good souvlaki but then HOT CHIPS too. Heaven.

Where to find your new favourite band?

The Evelyn, The Workers Club, Bar Open, The Tote – we’re so lucky to have many many
many venues for any kind of taste.

Where to escape the tourists?

Come to my house in Wattle Glen – it’s ages away from the city and all we have here is a general store, a train station and a roundabout.

Where to spend your hungover days?

In one of our beautiful gardens; take your pick between Edinburgh, Darling or Botanical.

What to complain about with other locals?

Probably the weather. Four seasons in one day is actually a thing here.

The ultimate Melbourne must have?

Umbrella. Just in case.

*****Upcoming Gigs*****

Supporting Yeo at Howler 14.10.17
Sad Grrrls Fest 11.11.17

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